(seriously help me) Why is my dad such a jackass? ... what the hell is wrong with him?

My dad is the biggest a--hole I have ever met in my entire life! I just moved out a few months ago and he somehow is still ruining my life. First of all my dad hates my boyfriend and his ENTIRE family for no damn reason. They have been nothing but respectful to him and all he does is disrespect everyone like a jackass. Anyone who meets my dad automatically hates him. I hate him. I always have because he annoying as hell. My dad went on today about how I should never have kids with my boyfriend and that his family is usuing me and he's using me, and all this crap. Then he criticizes me and yells at me because I dont want to go to college yet and that Im gonna be working at fast food places or stores.. who cares? He has been thi way my whole childhood. He is a very selfish and unsupportive person. He doesn't respect any of my choices and never will. He found a bucket list I had made way back in middle school and it said stuff like buy lingerie or some childish stuff. He yelld at me for it today and was like "thats some realy bad stuff" Im 19 for gods sake! He has never cared about my happiness. He always tries to destroy me and anything good that I have. He even tried to ban me from ever seeing or talking to my boyfriend before we moved out. He trie to control as much as he can. I am an adult and as you can see he is still being a controlling d*ck. He keeps saying im living like a homeles person and my life is a mess... why is he always putting me down? why is he so controlling? Does he have a mental illness or something? Please someone help me... and How do i cut all communications with him? I want him out of my life so he can stop ruining it.
(seriously help me) Why is my dad such a jackass? ... what the hell is wrong with him?
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