If a guy plans a date with you 2 weeks ahead?

Is that a good sign if a guy plans a date 2 weeks in advance?

I know the question sounds silly, but I just want opinions to confirm that its a good sign...Or other possibilities, thanks!


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  • I have a lot of girls do this with me. They say, 'Eh... I'm really busy, I'll have to find time... How about...' some far off date. And I used to think that was totally fine - they're just popular. But, eventually, I came to realize that meant 'I'm doing you a favour', rather than 'I want to spend time with you.' And f*** that.

    Be wary of people who are very very busy, very very rarely are they truly very busy.

  • Well when guys plan dates only a few days ahead, that is usually a good sign, but can also be bad (he may be like a creeper or something) but generally I try to shoot for the next week, so I can have everything figured out and make it perfect :) So 2 weeks ahead is likely a good sign

  • At least it's planned rather than unplanned & last minute.

  • i did that cause I was out of the country for 10 day but I had good intentions


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