17 years old and desperate for a boyfriend!?

At this point I feel so damn lonely..

I have never been on a date and never even kissed a guy! its so sad!

and I'm a SENIOR in high school..it kills.

and you know what else..guys in my school say in HOT and SEXY all the time since I have an exotic look...my face not the clothes I wear. I'm prety conservative and covered..

can one guy just PLEASE step out and declare themselves and ask me out on a date for once..and flirt with me? instead of staring at me like I'm a piece of meat all the time..

I try to be nice and even give eye contact to show that I'm interested and even smile sometimes too..but nothing works! I'm so desperate I'm on my knees. I don't want to be lonely and graduate high school without some kind of intimacy/companion...heck! I don't even mind to just hook up with a guy! (kissing not sex) I don't care about sex, I just want to be held and loved and not so lonely its sucks badly especially for me since guys find me sexually attractive but nothing happens and I just feel like time is being wasted while I could have dug deeper...or they could have dug deeper and gotten some companionship. idk. UGH

+I just want to have a life and not be with ONE guy who I'll end up marrying. "don't worry the right guy will come along" I know but ...doesn't have to be the only guy right? I want to have some fun! I want a life and have multiple partners..no slut action intended.
17 years old and desperate for a boyfriend!?
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