17 years old and desperate for a boyfriend!?

At this point I feel so damn lonely..

I have never been on a date and never even kissed a guy! its so sad!

and I'm a SENIOR in high school..it kills.

and you know what else..guys in my school say in HOT and SEXY all the time since I have an exotic look...my face not the clothes I wear. I'm prety conservative and covered..

can one guy just PLEASE step out and declare themselves and ask me out on a date for once..and flirt with me? instead of staring at me like I'm a piece of meat all the time..

I try to be nice and even give eye contact to show that I'm interested and even smile sometimes too..but nothing works! I'm so desperate I'm on my knees. I don't want to be lonely and graduate high school without some kind of intimacy/companion...heck! I don't even mind to just hook up with a guy! (kissing not sex) I don't care about sex, I just want to be held and loved and not so lonely its sucks badly especially for me since guys find me sexually attractive but nothing happens and I just feel like time is being wasted while I could have dug deeper...or they could have dug deeper and gotten some companionship. idk. UGH

+I just want to have a life and not be with ONE guy who I'll end up marrying. "don't worry the right guy will come along" I know but ...doesn't have to be the only guy right? I want to have some fun! I want a life and have multiple partners..no slut action intended.


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  • Why don't you ask a guy out? Why is it a girl never asks guys out, there are guys out there who are shy too, and you should be the one to break the ice if no guy has yet. Remember to start as just friends. Go the movies, out to eat, to the high school games( football, volleyball, etc) get to know the guy and let him get to know you. Be honest and sincere about what you want in a relationship when you both start talking about it. You both have a right to what you want, but you both also have a right to what you don't want. Kissing, no kissing, intimacy, no intimacy, and even sex or no sex. Put out the ground rules and just be friends above all else. Do not try to rush into a relationship, and do not allow anyone to dictate how to have your relationship. If he tries to get into your pants for example and you say no, call it off. If he wants to see other girls then look for someone else. But take it easy girl you have a lot of time and a lot guys out there to choose from. Do not try to get hitched too fast. Besides there is always college. lol

    • im not saying I'm friend with any of them. I'm not talking about guy friends to begin with just guys overall there is no "rushing" since I don't know most of these just personally...and the ones that I do are either taken, younger than me, or just not interested. I barely have any guy friends and making guy friends inst easy or me..i have like one but I'm not interested in him sexually

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  • I know how you feel exactly. It's the way was, and still am to a degree. It's truly weird in your situation, because if you are are as attractive as you say you are, boys should be interested. Maybe you just don't know how to see it? Are there any boys in your life you talk to frequently? Any guys you think are "just friendly" or "nah, he doesn't like me" but you interact with them on a daily or weekly basis? Any of these people could be potential boyfriends.

    Also, who says the boy has to be the one to ask you out? That's old fashioned, and out dated. Find a boy you think is cute and single, and throw him a curve ball. I don't care what kind of guys you are after, but if a cute girl asks a guy out, I don't know of a single guy who is going to say no.

    Also, you are desperate. Don't say this, because it is a bit of a turn off when you are dating. The last thing someone wants to think is you are only going out with them because nobody else wants you. Keep your desperation in check, and get confident!

    Good luck!

  • Single and lonely are not the same thing. If you aren't happy alone then you can't make a guy happy. As far as having multiple partners, just talk to a lot of guys in your classes, one will ask you out. If anything, ask him out.

  • Why not ask a guy out? Maybe they are intimidated?

  • Coming from a p**** who doesn't have the balls to approach a girl in my COLLEGE class, I'd say these boys are just afraid of rejection

    • I can't send a message without friending, but I just wanted to say massive respect for the Kill Bill music on your tumblr. That is all

    • oooh thank you :)

  • Desperation doesn't help the situation.


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  • I'm confused, are you 22 or 17?

    and I'm guessing, they look at you with lust...

    You return the look with one of disdain and disgust..

    and they cross you off their list as a bitch and move on.

    The nicer guys.. the ones that look with less open lust...

    They figure you are out of their league...


    1) you're pretty

    2) The popular "player" type guys can't even land you

    • what do you mean by land?

      and I'm 17

    • land.. get.. be with.. date...

      and why does your profile say you are 22?

    • idk how that came to be...

      but yeah..i know!

      there is popular guy in my french and I know he;s one of the guys who think I'm hot but those kinds of guys might be cocky but he so hot I want to get to know how him..although my chances are slim.

  • Maybe your desperation is showing through and is putting them off :/

    • no its definitely not. I'm not showing any desperation to begin with. since they see me as out of their league, they get intimidated and don't try to ask me out because they're afraid of rejection

    • So ask one of them out

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