How can you tell if a girl is into black guys?

I'm black and I like this white girl at my work an she is really hot and I started talking to her at work an she seems really cool but a friend of mind at my work is also black and he talks to her more and he told me that she don't date black guys and I said did she say she doesn't date black guys and he said well she didn't say it, she just said she doesn't really talk to black guys the way she talks to him and apparently she told him that he was the only black guy she really talks to. so what should I do I don't want to go up to her ask and say do you date black guys,how can you tell if a girl dates black guys?


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  • there's no such thing as a girl who does or doesn't date black guys. I'd only ever dated white guys until I met my current boyfriend, who is black, and I was instantly attracted to him.

    i never considered myself as someone who did or did not date black men before, even though I never had. I just date whoever I want, which hasn't often happened to be black men. but my current boyfriend is black and I'm the happiest I've ever been.

    so just because she hasn't dated black guys before, doesn't really mean anything. don't read too much into it and just be yourself and if she's attracted to you she's attracted to you!

    • thanks alot

    • Bro just clear your mind and stop all the nonsense we get what we want just like they do the eventually become acustomed your passion and contribute back if they smile make eye contact. And so on just act like YOU BRO! Im black my self well half and i dont want anything i just know i could get any of them SHOW CONFIDENCE. Frist fridged step searing pain of defience in what you say is what makes it worth being said! Oh yeah 🖕🏽trump!

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  • Never ask a girl "do you date black guys". I think all girls dislike being asked this. Also, don't really trust what another guy tells you about a girl. He sees you as competition.Think about it...she doesn't like black guys, yet your black friend is wasting all this time talking to her for no reason? Hmmmmmmm interesante` You need to forget about the racial barrier and go for her like you'd go for anyone else.

    • thx but how would I know if she does date black guys I don't want to try and get to know her if she doesn't date black guys

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    • yea your right

    • The question is, has he dated his other black, Asian, and latin women before?

  • Dont bring attention to it, the more attention you bring to that situation, the more it will be prevalent. I honestly don't think it matters at all. You can capture her heart if you can show her what a great guy you are. For example, I used to put certain standards on guys I would date; like they couldn't be shorter than me...until I met this guy who was so genuinely nice and such a gentleman to me that him being shorter than me didn't even cross my mind or bother me. I ended up really liking him and I didn't care if he was short or tall. Now I don't put standards on guys I would date. Show that girl who you are! Good luck!

  • I think that guy is probably full of sh*t.

    There isn't really a way.

  • You really can't tell since it varies from person to person so much. For some girls it doesn't matter what type of guy it is, others just aren't attracted to specific types. You can't approach her with race in mind though, that will kill any chances you have right there. For example, in general I've noticed I'm not usually attracted to black guys, don't know why since race doesn't really matter to me and I'm into Asians for instance, but every once in a while I encounter an individual who charms me with their personality. There's no trick to it really, your chemistry just needs to match.

  • She's usually white, chubby, and feels rejected by white men yet feeds off of the attention self-hating black men may give her.

    • um so what are you trying to say

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    • The question is, has he dated black, Asian, and latina women before?

    • Your probably such a cunt that got used by the shitty precentile of black men look how you degrade yourself by making it seem as if he's self hating 😂 You must be mad you can't get good dick from your own kind or in general!😅😅😂😂😂😂

  • If she really likes you it won't matter to her if you are black.

    If she doesn't really like you then maybe the blackness will be an excuse for not dating you.

    Forget everything your guy friend is saying. He is trying to psyche you out man.

    • Yeah don't listen to that guy...he seems to just want to get you out of the situation so he can go in for it.

    • he said he would go for it he said he would date her but he already has a girlfriend and plus she gotta kid

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  • Don't worry about whether or not she dates black guys. If you want to try dating her, get her number so you can hang out outside of work if she's willing to do so.

    The point here is that you TRY. Give yourself a shot. Don't get jealous over the fact that she's talking to the other black guy. For all we know, this other black guy could be lying to you about that statement because he's inadvertently trying to c0ck-block you so he can get her.

    Do what you want to do and don't let anything bother you about it.

  • your over thinking it, white girls perfer black guys anyway

  • Stop talking to white girls.

  • attraction isn't a choice so, don't stress yourelf off of something you have no control over. If you like her then make your move. don't be afraid to hear no. everybody has heard it before. if any one tell you they didn't then they are lying. so man up


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