Is it weird my boyfriend doesn't want to text continually all day?

He's really busy and I'm really busy.. but I don't think it's hard to hold a conversation over text message throughout the day. He got kind of mad at me the other day because I was asking a lot of q's through txt. He even called me needy! I went from seeing him a bunch, to barely even speaking to him. I wasn't trying to be that annoying, but he was like.. really annoyed and said he would not text me continually all day. Is that weird he doesn't want to text me a lot since he IS my bf?

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  • He is pulling back.. All guys do it (oh yes you do don't pretend you don't) because they are either unsure of you or unsure if they want a committment. They also pull back because of other things like family or work issues..

    Men need to "process" where women need to talk... you have to give him time to do this

    Stop texting him.. Period.. let him text you... if you try to force him to talk he will only pull back harder until eventually he rins away


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  • Umm... no it is not weird. It is just he is a man. Men typically are not good at multi-tasking. And if he is driven that is especially true. He is trying to work, think, etc. and someone (doesn't matter who) keeps texting him. It gets annoying REAL fast. I am sure he can make time to send a text or two during the day (notice I said one or 2) just to say hello or something, but sometimes that isn't even going to happen. It does not mean he doesn't love you or care for you or whatever, it just means that he is working and has things to do.

    You might want to check out the book Women are from Venus and Men are from Mars (or something like that).

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    • i got my phd... I know exactly how it goes.

    • lol yeah, so maybe he's a little busy?

  • It's not weird because most guys don't like texting continually all day. You do have a point he is your boyfriend and he should even be happy that you take the time to do it. Each guy is different soem find it annoying and some may not. If it was me I would be happy and I think he could at least respond when he can to your texts.

    • yeah, he responds when he can. we have opposite schedules... I just wanted to make sure it didn't mean that he didn't like me.

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    • yeah, thanks!

    • Yeah your welcome. :) Drop a line anytime. :)

  • texting should be banned :)

    how can you possibly judge what somebody is thinking from reading a text on a stupid little gadget.

    you could say more in a 2 minute phone call at the end of the day or at lunch time than you ever could in 20 texts throughout the day.

    (the 20 texts would be annoying as hell as you have to stop what you're doing 20 times and take 2 minutes to key in something you could have said in 3 seconds)

    with the 2 minute phone call you've stopped once to get the same information from a REAL person

    • oh okay, so it's not that he doesn't like me? I guess that's what I more meant! I don't mind 2 min conversations. I just sort of yelled at by him because I asked like 3 q's in a text message. I thought it was a little harsh and unnecessary, but idk.

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    • reason. sure, we're lazy :)

      i can't speak for all guys obviously but for me personally texting is a chore.

      i'd much rather speak to the person in my own language not some coded text message :)

    • haha okay. I agree. I've gotten so much better in one week... I try to send like 4 texts max per day

  • You should want to hear his voice on the phone or see him in person, not worrying about him not sending impersonal texts. The quickest way to get burned out in a relationship is to text all the time. I'd be more concerned if he texted all day..and never wanted to call or see you.

    • yeah, that's true. I'm glad that this isn't abnormal though! I thought he may not like me or something

    • It's easier to accurately gauge if and how much someone "likes" you when you're with them in person by paying attention to their facial expressions, body language, actions, and tone of voice.

    • hm yeah. okay. good point! a week ago I thought he was in love with me and now it seems like he's just kind eh

  • Boyfriend status doesn't automatically make him be able to shut-out his work colleagues and say, "hang on it's my Missus I'll be with ya" many times throughout the day. In fact he could get fired for that.

    I love chatting with my girl but the workday doesn't allow for it I'm afraid!

    • haha okay, just making sure it doesn't mean that he doesn't like me anymore!

  • "hes really busy"

    Well there you go.

    And even when I, not busy I don't like continually texting all day every day.

    • oh okay, so it's not that he doesn't like me?

  • You and your boyfriend are just really busy. If you wanna still text them though, just wait for him to respond to your messages.

    • yeah, we're both in school right now. I didn't mean to annoy him at all. he called me needy! and sort of yelled at me. it was awkward.

  • I'm beginging to think that all girls need to be taught this lesson in school or something. It's become so common in the last few months on GAG.

    Guys don't text the way girls do.

    There is sometimes a brief period at the start of a relationship, where he will try to keep up.

    But it can't be sustained. Eventually he'll stop doing it.

    the girl usually interprets this as a weakening of the relationship - he's not interested anymore, or he's met someone else, or his interest is fading.

    It's not that at all. He's exhausted from the never-ending texting. From now on, he will text at a normal guy pace. And girls generally find that too slow and annoying.

    • yeah... I totally thought it was a weakening! okay, I'm glad it doesn't mean he doesn't like me! That's what I was concerned about. Thanks so much!

What Girls Said 3

  • No way. Some people like to text, and others don't.

    I don't mind texting too much but personally I get tired of it really fast. Constantly texting back and forth can get annoying.

    • yeah, I think he hates texting.

  • He is busy and wants to focus on what he's doing. I'm much the same. Whenever me or my boyfriend get busy, we say we'll talk to one another when we're done, and it works fine.

    I think it's very difficult to maintain a conversation AND be attentive to the tasks at hand. While you might find it easy to do, he doesn't. He isn't being unreasonable, but you getting mad at him wanting to focus on his work his really quite illogical.

    Talk when you both have time to concentrate on one another.

  • I find texting actually takes more time than calling, in the end. A conversation over text could last several hours, depending on how quick each partner responds, whereas a single phone call could get the same point across in less than a fourth of the time.

    I absolutely HATE it when people text me, especially since I have a very busy schedule. Like ChemicalBR0 said, with texting, you have to stop what you're doing to respond to a text. Every. Single. Time. It becomes incredibly annoying incredibly fast, not to mention tedious.

    A phone call is just far more efficient, and far more personal.

    • oh I don't mind calling. he just seems to be in places where he can't answer