Dating a man with abandonment issues?

He's in his early 30's. Mother was depressed and gave him away to her parents. Father was never in the picture-- didn't want him either.

What are some things I should look out for?

I can already tell that he gets close to me then disappears on me. He does like it when I call him. When I told him seeing him so rarely was pushing me away, he said I could always take initiative. He said "for example, yesterday when we were on the phone you knew where I was, you could have come see me!" Geeze... I'm not going to chase him.

He said he wants me at a distance because he is afraid of disappointing me...

I don't know if he's being truthful or trying to play me (he hasn't been an angel in the past)... So what are some well known characteristics of men with abandonment issues? by the way, his last ex betrayed me, but then again-- I only heard one side of the story


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  • Well, if you actually like him and want to make things work, chase him, for now. He will reciprocate. I don't think this behavior from him will go on for ever, it is probably a phase early in relationships for him. Its almost like he wants you to prove your interest in him. Just guessing.


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