Why does dating feel like such a chore for me?

Full disclosure: I've only been on two first dates with girls so my experience is limited. However, I found on both of those dates that they weren't worth it based on the work I put into asking the out and planning it. While I was on each of the dates, I kept thinking to myself what a chore it would be to keep this up. I don't know if it had to do with the girls I was out with (I liked them less after the date than before...especially the second one, who ended up talking about other guys like her old boyfriend), but it just didn't seem very fun at all. Like I could be doing something else during that time on my own that would've been more fun.


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  • dating is a chore. there is so much crap involved. I hate dating. I like relationships. unfortunately you usually have to date to get there.


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  • Well that's normal. Sometimes dates are plain boring. Actually a sign a date was good is that both had a good time.

    Obviously, the girls you asked out weren't really interesting (the second one seemed to have only a scarce reserve of braincells), so just forget about them and try again with other persons !

    Try to get to know a little more the girl before asking her out, and you will save money and time ;)

    • Well, I took my time with these girls, especially the second one before the date so that wasn't the problem. Also, how do you know if you both had a good time? I mean, a girl can say it, but not mean it.

    • She can say it, but if she means it, she'll accept a second date if you offer, or even suggest it.