Guys: Why do you try to make a girl jealous?

About a month ago my ex told a friend he had no time to date or even meet anyone. Today I messaged him on fb and a few hours later he put up a pic of him and some girl. He hasn't had a girlfriend since we broke up and I find it strange that now he all of a sudden has one. When I broke up with him he tried to make me jealous by dating another girl right after and rubbing it in my face. I'm not certain if he is intentionally trying, or maybe is telling me he's over me or if he really does have one now.

It hurts my feelings because I loved him and still do and only broke up with him because he didn't seem to want a future together.

Do you guys think he is trying to make me jealous? And why do men do this?

I also forgpt to say that he NEVER has a girl in his profile pic...


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  • I've never done that, because I think it's a BS movie.

    But the truth is that guys do it because the rate of success is surprisingly high. Girls want what other girls have, and it's always been that way. That's what jealousy is. And when he can pit you against another girl successfully, it gives him a lot of leverage. Maybe it gets you to take him back, or it gets her to, say, agree to a threesome or an open relationship or something that she doesn't really want to do, but will do in order to keep him.

    Girls often do the same type of thing for the same reason, and it often works for them too. Sure, you always take the chance of pissing off BOTH people and losing everything, but usually you end up with one or the other.

  • hes just trying to make you jealous probably out of spite from hurt feelings from the break up.

    I'd say fight fire with fire and post a pic of you with a guy.


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