Is 2 inches A LOT?

Okay So first Question:,im texting a guy ,i Haven't met him but we talked about height,and he told me he was 168 cm(5,6') ...and I'm like 172 cm(5,8')...Its 2 inches in height difference . Is that like alot?

Will you notice it? Will I have to bend Down to him if I have to kiss him one Day?

Second Question:i had a Dream about that guy That I'm texting...i dreamt he was a lot taller than me,hugged me...i Said to him in The Dream that he was a lot taller than me,and he answered with yeah.

Afterwards we hugged...-does this mean anything?

Third Question :

Its been like The whole Day today,he hasn't Texted me,why?

I feel like I'm The one Who has to text him first The most...but when we text he seems really happy and replys with long messages?

But he's been on Facebook today,and hasn't Texted me..?

I was travelling yesterday to today,and Texted him yesterday I couldn't text anymore,until today at elleven o clock...Its Way past elleven O clock here,and I Haven't gotten any message from him yet.Maybe he thought I meant I could first text after elleven a clock at Night?

Please answe my questions!
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AND should I text him?
Is 2 inches A LOT?
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