Broke up with him & he texted me like nothing happened?

Dated for 4 months.

I broke up with him via text, told him things weren't working.

I KNOW I KNOW. I TRIED to break it off face to face but he's been "soo busy"... too busy to call me back. HENCE, why it just wasn't working.

His ego is so huge that I never ever thought he could contact me again. In fact, he stopped texting me back in the middle of our convo. I thought he was just done...

Why did he text a week later like nothing happened. He said "Hey how are things? How are you?"

...uhmmm.. huh?

*** I was just curious as to WHY*** TO me breaking things off = DO NOT CONTACT ME ... thought everyone was on the same boat.


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What Guys Said 1

  • That is certainly no indication of him acting like nothing happened. All that means is that he thought about you and wanted to know how you were, or wanted to talk to you. Sure he MIGHT miss you but there is no way you could know that from this message, nor anything else other than he wants to know how you are.

    • I guess he didn't get that memo. Don't respond this time and if he does it again just let him know that you don't want to talk to him.

What Girls Said 1

  • That's not like nothing happened. That's him checking in. Sounds like things weren't really working on either end, but it's like like "how are you?" is a particularly confusing mixed message. It doesn't leave any indication that he missed the whole "breaking up" part - just that he's trying to initiate contact. If you don't want to hear from him at all, just ignore it or tell him to go away.

    • That's mean haha

    • What I said? I don't see how.

    • To a lot of people a breakup is not automatically equivalent to "Don't contact me ever again."