Should I text him again or wait if he's sick?

My boyfriend has been sick with the flu for the past week or so and we haven't been talking as much at all. At first I didn't know and was worried he wanted to break up with me but then Thursday night he texted me apologizing for the lack of communication and explaining how miserable he's feeling.

Yeasterday I texted him asking how's he holding up and he never replied :/ Should I text him again today or just wait?


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  • You need to text him. He must be really sick and is satisfied reading your texts of concern.

    • Maybe today I just say "Hi J, get better soon cause I miss you!" How does that sound? I don't want to smother him in texts and annoy the crap outta him.

    • That's a smart one.

      It's not about what you've written, but what your message really is.

    • What do you mean by that?

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  • Give him a break! If anything, show some compassion by bringing him a gift basket of sorts - some chicken soup would be a good start. The fact that he didn't answer a text could be a lot of things, from the fact that some texts just don't go through, to him being possibly asleep all day. Don't let idle speculation and projection on your part create feelings that aren't based on reality.


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  • how old is he? and how old are u?

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