He hurts me so much , should I wish him a happy birthday?

My boyfriend of 1 year broke up with me 5 months ago.

The break-up;

i started to feel hurted by the way he treats me.I had forced myself to put up with his attitude for 1 year because I love him so much and I know that he's the type of guy that don't know how to pamper or to proper treat the gf. I never complained anything but I once asked him in the most humble way if he could treat me a little nicer and he said yes.

After not hearing him for 2 days, he texted me. I replied and 3 hours later he replied saying that he forgot to reply my text.. By that time I can't hold my feelings anymore. I told him he I'm sick and tired of him treating me like I'm nothing to him and I'm hurting so much. He said he's sorry and he loves me. Funny, because I haven't heard him says those 3 words for 2 months.

We fought and I told him I'm not nothing and I have feelings too. He told me to cut it off and said that he will text me tomorrow. So I stopped and wait for tomorrow but yeah, nothing from him. After 4 days, I texted him to say I'm sorry and all and I don't want us to fight anymore. He didn't replied.

3 days later I texted him again and said I'm sorry and all. I ask him to at least reply me with one text and he replied me saying that he doesn't feel like contacting me because apparently I annoyed and irritates him. I then leave him alone and was crying the whole night.

1 weeks later(2 weeks into the fight), I was so desperate to settle things out. I asked him whether he wants to work things out or we just break up. He didn't replied.

I pressured and beg him to reply me. After some time he replied saying he's sorry for putting me in such situation and didn't mean to hurt me or be mean to me and asked that if it possible for us to be friends for a while.

I told him if he wants to leave me just leave, no need give me false hope. He said he couldn't understand why we can't be friends.I told him that I couldn't do it because I love him so much and I would have a better chance of forgetting him if we're not friends at all. No reply.

I beg and beg again for him to reply me. He replied me saying that he don't know what to do and it all depends on me.

I was disappointed with his answer So I told him this, "you don't know?let me tell you, I'm possibly the worse anyone could have as a gf. just leave me then."

And he said, " I don't like it when you said such things!. Okay, its over then!".

I texted him for the last time saying I was happy when I'm with him and thnked & sorry him for everything and said I love you.

Never heard from him again but after 3 weeks we broke up he texted me saying he's sorry and I said its okay. 1 week later I texted him and told him I miss him so much. He told me that he's sorry for making me suffer so much and for what he had done to me. He said he can't be with me because he's afraid he will do it again and told me not to miss him.

That was the last of all. Now I'm with someone who is 101% better but I still care for my ex. His b-day is coming, should I wish him?
He hurts me so much , should I wish him a happy birthday?
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