Texting a guy you met in the club

alright so I met this nice guy in the club Friday night. I seen him bouncing around from girl to girl. I had really wanted him to ask me to dance, but he'd look at me and just walk past me. so I was like eh whatever maybe I'm just not his type, it's all good.

Well anyways yes he finally asked me to dance. When we started dancing his buddy said "OMG it's about time! he's been wanting to dance with you all night sheesh!" I found that funny seeing how he just kept walking past me. I thought alright he'll probably dance with me for a few songs. Hah nope! we literary danced alll night long :D after like an hour I was like okay this guy's got to be sick of me. so I said...

"Hey I'm gonna go get a drink, it was nice dancing with you"

he goes..

"well I'll come with you"

and he took my hand and followed me out of the crowd to the bar, he tried to pay for my freaking water lol (cute) but I didn't let him. I'm an independent girl. so we sat and talked for a while then he asked me for my number :D then we went and danced some more for a long time.

When it was time for him to leave he gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek saying it was so nice to meet you, we should hangout really soon. So I was like yeah defiantly just text me.

I left my phone in the car and when I looked at it, I had a text from him saying this is ____ from the club. (Mind you, he only texted me so that I'd have his number) so I texted back letting him know I got his text and number. (about 15 min later) he texts back..

-great, it was really nice meeting you :) we seriously need to chill soon.

- (about 45 min later ) I texted back... it was nice meeting you too and yes we defiantly should :)

and he didn't text me back at all and it's Sunday now. My question is..

* do you think he'll text me again?

* do you think he "really" wants to "hangout"?

* and should I wait for him to text me or should I text him after a few days?


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  • You should wait until Tuesday. If he hasn't said anything to you by then, just text him that morning with the following: "Happy Tuesday :)" Believe me, he will get back to you that day if he is interested. And it sounds like he is.

    As an aside, if I meet a girl on a Friday or Saturday night, I generally text her soon after meeting her so that she has my number. We might have a short text conversation into the night, but I always stop responding once she says something that does not really need a response. Then I will not text her again until the Monday unless she texts me first.


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  • he likes you so just wait for him to text you. or you can text him it really doesn't matter lol you both are into each other.


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  • Text him and see, that's the only way to find out. But unfortunately a lot of times when alcohol is mixed especially in clubs, bars, and parties the attraction isn't as serious as it may seem to be. Its usually just fun for a night and meeting someone, not meeting someone to date. So be aware of that.

    • neither of us we're drinking

    • Its still the atmosphere. Clubs aren't the place you typical go to in order to meet someone special.

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