Would you date/marry a stripper?

Pretty much what the question says. Would you date/marry a stripper?

Would it matter if they had done so in their past but were not doing it currently?
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+1 y
I asked this cause another post of GAG made me think about a situation. 4years ago went to a friends bachelor party. they got strippers (not my thing but I stuck around and played the wallflower). one of the strippers was one of the most beautiful, intelligent, attractive people I ever met. She said she was stripping to pay for her teaching degree (always seems like the case right?). We got to talking and kind of hit it off and she gave me her number and said "I know what I do isn't ideal but...
+1 y
I really would like to get to know you and more importantly you get to know me." I'm in a happy relationship and couldn't ask for more but sometimes I feel bad that I just couldn't get over the mindset that 'you grind on p*nis for a living' enough to at least go out with her. Not that it could've gone anywhere since I live 2 1/2 hrs from where she was working...just something I think about
Would you date/marry a stripper?
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