Do guys like the taste of cherry chapstick while kissing?

I recently bought a cherry chapstick from Labello and I was wondering if the taste would be a turn off for my boyfriend.


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  • Trust me on this one. Guys love girls that wear chapstick flavor. Because to them, it makes the girls more delicious Lol, which adds to the hotness of the girl he's kissing. And I bet you, they would prefer it (or lip gloss) more than regular lipstick, because to them, the opaqueness and solid color of lipstick is like seeing the most ornate/victorian house that is too fancy to the point of it being disgusting. Trust me.


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  • I love the taste of anything fruity on a woman's lips.

  • I would like to kiss you to find out...


    I like a little moisture and flava when I kiss a girl. not slobbering wet. more like that dewy rut like deer in the middle of a meadow in the earliest morning sun...


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