Need advice on how to get this girl [19F] interested in me [25M] over another guy.

Ok guys so here's the story. I met this girl (she's 19, I'm 25) online and started talking to her about one week ago and we seem to be hitting it off pretty well. I would like to date her and get to know her better but she's already telling me that she started seeing someone a couple of days ago and that she feels like their relationship might start going somewhere. At this point she's only been seeing this other guy for less than a week, so I fell I still have a chance. She has told me that it's not serious and that she "wouldn't be against meeting up sometime".

So here's what I need from you guys... What do I do in order to out-shine this other guy she's seeing? Normally I would take things slow but in this case it feels like "go big or go home" might be the better play. I need some suggestions for the first date that would be able to wow her and also how fast I should push certain things (first kiss, inviting her over to my place, etc.)?

Thanks in advance guys.


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  • The best way to get a girl to be more attracted towards you over other guys she is with is to simply contribute more time in her activities. Find out her hobbies and pursue them along with her. It has worked for me quite well.


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  • Maybe you should tell her you like her and want to take her on a date. Then she can see which one she likes more.

  • First, you should go out and meet her.

    Ask her out to a date.

    • i agree but to do what is the question? I was thinking a movie or dinner might not be bold enough, but I need something that would be perfect, I was thinking The Aquarium but that requires almost an entire day, so what would be perfect for an evening?