Women: dating a friend vs. dating a stranger

Two situations:

1. You see a woman who you find attractive but never met. You go up to her, talk with her and she gives you your number. Then, you two talk and you go out on dates.

2. You've been friends with someone for a while, and it looks like both of you have developed some kind of interest, you ask her out and she accepts.

What are the differences between these two situations. When it comes to dating or asking them out on a date?

What is the general protocol for each of those situations?

Generally, for example, I realized one rule:

If a girl you just met says "lets just be friends", most likely you two won't actually be friends. If a girl you were already friends with said, "lets just be friends", then you two generally return to being friends if he's cool with it.

Do you agree with that?

Also, what other rules or standards are there when comparing the two
Women: dating a friend vs. dating a stranger
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