Women: dating a friend vs. dating a stranger

Two situations:

1. You see a woman who you find attractive but never met. You go up to her, talk with her and she gives you your number. Then, you two talk and you go out on dates.

2. You've been friends with someone for a while, and it looks like both of you have developed some kind of interest, you ask her out and she accepts.

What are the differences between these two situations. When it comes to dating or asking them out on a date?

What is the general protocol for each of those situations?

Generally, for example, I realized one rule:

If a girl you just met says "lets just be friends", most likely you two won't actually be friends. If a girl you were already friends with said, "lets just be friends", then you two generally return to being friends if he's cool with it.

Do you agree with that?

Also, what other rules or standards are there when comparing the two


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  • On the girls side, she will date the stranger first. That way, if thatdoesn't work out, then she has thefriend as a next option.

    • so you'd generally feel more comfortable going out with a guy (who left a good impression on you) who asked you out than a friend.

      some girls on here say they don't like guys approaching them and would rather know them as a friend first, but maybe theyve just been approached by creeps.

    • Girls that take the safe road will choose a guy they already know. to make sure they stick around. Girls confident in the type of guy they choose have no problem giving new guys a chance.

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  • A good romantic relationships is suported by a great friendship that will last through anything, passion only goes so far, relationships based only on sexual attraction don't last and are not very deep. With situation 2 you are basically skipping situation one, you already put the months/years into getting know her so you know her quite well by now. With situation1 you get a smaller window to get to know each other, you feel like you have to hit it off within the first few weeks or you give up on getting to know each other. The other important thing with situation one is that your focusing on being sexually compatible rather than developing a friendship, and since you started off that way, there is no friendship base to go back to. However situation one may lead you to dates where the friendship compatibility over rides the need to establish the sexual compatibility, and you guys will find it easy to be buddies as well as lovers when you hang out.

  • We usually go for strangers. Our guy "friends" are our options really.

  • I agree with your staying friends statement. In general I'd rather date someone I already know as a friend, BUT, I agree with the anon girl that when you get to know someone as a friend, you often find something in them that you don't want in a boyfriend.

  • as a girl I would say I prefer stranger more because if you start from friends you probably would find out something you don't like about the guy because you know him too well

    also, if it doesn't work you two probably can't even keep in friendship


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