Why do feminists date men?

I’m being serious.

Every form of feminism is based on faith in one or both of the following beliefs:

1. Men oppress women.

2. There is something inherently wrong with masculinity.

I therefore have two questions, which I hope you can answer:

A. In general, why would a feminist date men?

B. Why would a feminist date a man whom she knows to be an anti-feminist?

If I believed that a certain category of person (whether it be a specific sex, or a specific race, or some other category of person) were oppressing me, I wouldn’t date such persons. If I believed that there was something wrong with a fundamental quality of a certain category of person, I wouldn’t date such persons.

Before you say “You can’t change your sexual orientation”, I agree that’s true, but that doesn’t mean that you have to act on your sexual orientation; nor does it mean that you can’t be accused of hypocrisy for acting on your orientation. Why not stay celibate?

Sorry, but feminists need to give up on men. It's sick, frankly, to want to date your alleged oppressor.


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  • I date men because I want to be in a monogamous, heterosexual relationship. Since I'm female, men seem the obvious choice.

    While I appreciate that you're being serious, to state that every form of feminism is based on either of your two premises is abjectly false and are red herrings based upon caricature.

    First, men do oppress women. One needn't be a feminist, anti-feminist, or either to see that. Have you ever heard of domestic violence, incest? (and yes, I know these things work both ways).

    While, you might find someone somewhere who thinks that a priori all men oppress women, that is not a mainstream or commonplace feminist opinion. ,

    Secondly, again while, I think that you might find someone somewhere who thinks that something is inherently wrong with masculinity, it's not going to be someone that anyone has heard about and nor would it be someone feminists would take seriously. Why, because the vast majority of feminists wouldn't argue something so silly as masculinity being a definable, universally applicable category that is inherently anything.

    Truth be told, I have never seen, read, or heard anyone who'd describe themselves as feminist subscribe to either of your two premises. In fact, they sound more like rhetoric one would hear from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and AM radio.

    Feminism is a complex body of various ideas stretching from the late 18th century to the present. The common denominator throughout is equality for women.

    • Show me a form of feminism that doesn't accept one or both of those statements. Why would it even be called 'feminism' if it didn't accept one or both of those premises?

      I think you're being hypocritical. You shouldn't date men. You should control your sexual urges.

    • You're the one who came up with the proposition that every form of feminism MUST ALWAYS believe apriori "A" and/or "B" without so much as offering a shred of proof or evidence to back up your claim but you seemingly expect from others. That's interesting (really, really lazy), but interesting.

      However, since I'm feeling generous, I'll help you with the homework that you should have done before you started typing. You could try researching any of the following forms of feminism:

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  • it's not ''men oppress women'',it's ''women and men still have a long way to go before they're equal throughout the world so we should work on that and fight the patriarchy''. there are feminist men link you know. do some women hate men and hide behind feminism yet still date men? sure,just like anti-feminists hate women yet date them.

    • Yes, of course I know that there are feminist men. I never said there weren't. The idea of patriarchy is the idea that men oppress women.

      Sorry, but it's your opinion that anti-feminists hate women. Feminism is an ideology, not a sex. In fact, I never said feminists hate men. I said that every form of feminism is based on belief in one or both of the statements that I mentioned.

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    • Would you jump into a pool of pirahnas in the belief that one of them might not attack you?

    • Well, the courteous thing to do is to admit that you're wrong. Seriously, I would give up on men, if I were you. By dating the oppressive sex, you're really degrading yourself.

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    Amazon, Analytical, Anarchist, Atheist, Black, Chicana, Christian, Conservative, Cultural, Cyber, Difference, Eco, Equality, Equity, Fat, French structuralist, Gender, Global, Individualist, Islamic, Jewish, Lesbian, Liberal, Lipstick, Marxist, Material, Neo, New, Postcolonial, Postmodern, Pro-life, Proto, Radical, Separatist, Sex-positive, Socialist, Standpoint, Third-world, Trans, Transnational, and Womanism.

    Try any of those. You may find one that fits your assumptions, but I doubt very, very much you'll find that every one of them or most of them fits.

    • Amazon feminism: the idea that men oppress women, and that the way to achieve sexual equality is through emphasizing female physical strength. Analytical feminism: the idea that men oppress women, and that the way to achieve sexual equality is through logic and reason. Anarchist feminism: the idea that men oppress women, and that the way to end this is to end the state. Atheist feminism: the idea that men oppress women especially through religion. I could go on!

    • Actually, none of them subscribe to the belief that "men oppress women" apriori without any further qualification. You claimed that they did and yet you have singularly failed to support your prepositions. Nor do any of them claim that masculinity is inherently wrong either as you claimed they did. So indeed, please go on.

    • Well, I've just given you the definitions of several varieties of feminism. And you yourself admit that you believe that "men do oppress women". Sorry, but you're a hypocrite. If I thought that women oppressed men, I would never date women. I would feel deep shame in even wanting to do so.

  • Because every woman craves d*ck


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  • Because feminism is the ultimate sh*t test.

  • Because even if they don't like men, they like free dinners.

  • Because even if they don't like men as people, they are still straight. They would rather have sex with a man than remain celibate. Women are even more attracted to strong men. An anti-feminist is a man that is strong enough to not cave to social pressures.

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