Do Men Really Want Women To Play Traditional Roles?

I'm only asking because I just saw a question where someone asked why should men always pay for a first date. I almost responded, but then I realized something. There are a lot of questions on here where men want to know why women don't pay for dates or why they don't court men or why they want to be stay at home moms, but then bitch out a feminist who thinks women should be treated equally like a man. And, no, I'm not a feminist, but why do you have a problem with women not doing what men usually do, which is approach us and pay for us and what have you, but then hate feminism?

So I'm confused. Do you want women to play traditional roles or do you want them to be equal to men when it comes to roles? It just seems like men are a bit wishy washy on the entire issue, at least on this site.
Yes, Women Should Play Traditional Roles
No, Women Should Do What Men Do
It's Both (Explain)
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Do Men Really Want Women To Play Traditional Roles?
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