Guys, Why are feminine women attractive? Why are feminine traits in women attractive (SERIOUS)?

OK, so after making a few questions here, I sought out some relationship advice from one of my newest followers, and I've been seeking relationship advice from a friend of mine who plays Yu-Gi-Oh (he's an adult, by the way). The thing with me is, one of my goals/desires in life is to find a woman to be in a relationship with, and even have a family.

They both say they understand me finding masculine traits in women attractive--something I've pointed out multiple times here--but that I should also open my mind to feminine women instead of just liking tomboys and action girls. I am taking that advice into consideration, but I don't really see the appeal of feminine traits in women, or "girly girls" for lack of a better term.

I understand why a lot of men like women who are short, delicate, or afraid of things like horror movies or pests (insects, spiders, mice, etc). When a woman has these traits, it makes men feel strong and manly, and gives them an urge to protect her. This would be a good reason to like feminine women... if I actually enjoyed feeling like a woman's protector.

So I want to know from other men here: What are the pros to feminine women, or feminine traits that women have? These traits can either be stereotypical or traditional. While all kinds of men are allowed to answer this question, I would prefer to hear from Conservative and even Red Pill men, since they are more likely to place importance on femininity in women. I wanna know from the other guys, what is it about feminine women that makes them attractive?

And again, I'm asking this because I am taking my friends' advice to heart, and due to my ex being kind of a tomboy, it's harder for me to see feminine traits as attractive. Again, any men can answer, but I'd prefer to hear from conservatives and Red Pill men. I'm not either, by the way.

And some other examples of feminine traits are:

-Feminine clothes/makeup
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And yes, I know that if someone only read the title and not the whole question, they'd think I'm ridiculous for asking. But to sum it up, two of my friends suggested opening myself to feminine women if I ever date again, instead of only dating tomboys or women with masculine traits (like my ex-GF).

But my problem is I don't understand what makes girly traits in women attractive. So I want men to tell me what makes these traits appealing.
Guys, Why are feminine women attractive? Why are feminine traits in women attractive (SERIOUS)?
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