No contact for 5 weeks. What shall I do?

I was seeing a guy for about 5 months. Two months ago we had an argument, and he was acting very rude to me. We did not speak for a week. He finally initiated contact and asked me to let him know when to contact me. I ignored him in the first place so he texted again, saying he was sorry for the way he acted.

At that time my emotions exploded so I told him that I was hurt by the way he treated me and did not see why we should still contact. I said he was treating me like a prostitute, which made him feel very insulted and tried to shift the blame on me. Since I did not want to argue with him, I just communicated with him via text message that we both just misunderstood each other and should stop arguing. Also, I apologized that I used sensitive words to make him feel insulted. Then he mentioned that I should not talk to my friends about our problems.

I did not reply his message because I wanted him to cool off. After that,he did not initiate any contact anymore. I decided to call him but he did not pick up so I left him a text, asking him to call me back when he had time, but he ignored my text. A few days later, I tried again by texting him and telling him to please pick up my call, but he didn't. So I sent another text to tell him that I would not bother him anymore if he did not want to talk to me. This time he did reply and told me that he was not available to talk at that moment. He said "if you still wanna talk, let's do that tomorrow". The next day I asked him if we could meet in the weekend, but he was not sure when he would be back in town and would let me know the next day. I waited but did not hear anything from him so I decided to text him "It's OK. I just realized I've got other things to do as well.". He replied "Ok, I'm still not in town".

I just have a feeling that he was trying to avoid meeting me because he did not want to discuss about our arguments, but am not sure if that's really the case. Maybe he was really out of town or just feels really insulted.

It's been almost two months since we last met and been more than 5 weeks that we have not contacted. I still think about him everyday, waiting for him to contact me but I don't think there is anymore hope. He recently added his ex girlfriend back on Facebook and changed his relationship status from single to hidden. I know I am a stalker and might think way too much. All my girlfriends say that I should just forget about him and move on, while my guy friends tell me to just text him and act as if nothing happened to see his reactions. I want to text him, but don't want him to feel annoyed and that I chase after him. Also, I just assumed that he got back with his ex based on what I mentioned previously.

My birthday is coming up in a few days so I am hoping that he'll text me to say happy b-day and then I can start talking to him again. But who knows if he will even text me at all? Could anyone please give me some advice? Shall I contact him first? Thanks in advance!


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  • I would contact him by text or Facebook...tell him exactly how you feel. If he doesn't respond then you at least know you tried right?

    • You're right. I hope it's not too late now. Maybe he was still thinking about me at first, but it's already been 2 months and he probably already moved on. Anyways, I think I'm gonna try the last time and if he ignores then at least I know that everything is really over and that I should just forget about him. I was thinking I should not chase after him and leave with dignity, but I really miss him too much. Thanks for your advice!

    • Hey...taking a last shot with someone you Care for isn't giving up your dignity! He treated you badly and you stood up for yourself. By doing this you are showing him that you feel its worth fighting for. Just make sure you say everything you need to say so its all out there and you will have no regrets! Good luck hun!

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  • i think this question belongs in "relationships"

    besides that, I think you should move on, sounds like too much glass has been broken.

    even though you would get back together, I don't think your relationship would stand the test of time.

    • I intended to post this in dating but guess it was automatically placed in this category because of the word prostitute.

    • He actually said to me he did not want to have a relationship, but I really like him too much. I think my mistake was sleeping with him without getting to know him better first. I also lied to him about my feelings and tried to be cool with the casual relationship, hoping that he would finally change his mind. He started calling us a couple before the argument happened though.

  • His relationships status was single. You've been dumped.

    • Well, he told me he didn't want to have a relationship but I suspect that he is not over his ex yet since he still has her photos on Facebook.

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