How to gracefully accept a date proposal?

I have a crush on this very adorable gentleman from work. I know he is going to ask me out soon. It is quite clear that we are very much interested in each other. However I need some guidance with how to accept the offer of a date incase he asks me out anytime soon.

Last time I awkwardly accepted a date which was quite embarrassing. This time I want to make sure that I don't project my timid side. How does it work girls? And guys, how would you like girls to say yes to a date?


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  • Ideally, in this situation, the girl would signal her interest by saying something 'So when are yu going to ask me out?' Or even suggest a coffee chat with him yourself!

    The days are gone when the 'gentleman' is supposed to do all the risk taking.

    That way, you wouldn't have to worry about acccepting, since HE would be the one doing the accepting.

    Of course, work relationships carry a lot of potential problems..but it sounds like you aren't going to let that stop you here!

    • Haha thanks Martyfellow

      It feels weird when girls to the risk taking. I have asked a guy out for coffee before! I felt very strange but it did work out :)

    • Haha thanks Martyfellow

      It feels weird whengirls to the risk taking. I have asked a guy out for coffee before! I felt very strange but it did work out :)

    • Yes, it's still not generally accepted for the girl to do this, I understand.,

      But why not be a trailblazer? It solves the problemof how to accept!

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  • Bad idea to date people from work.

    But when you are asked, you give an enthusiastic "yes, I would love to!"

    • With your answer I just realized how often girls over think about everything! Thank you :)

  • You're looking way too far into this. When he asks you, just smile and say "I'd really like that" to whatever he proposes you do. Simple as that. Guys just want a yes when we put our necks out on the line.


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