Do you think the reason why more black men are dating white women because they think black women are bossy?

Some guys may say if you marry a black woman, she would want to be known as the head of the household, meaning what she says goes and her husband has to agree with her all the time.

Of course this what those guys are saying, not me.


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  • Yeah some are but not all of us, I am by no means a bossy person at all. And honestly I'm so tired of people assuming all black women are the same. So you're telling me that people automatically assume I'm bossy (among other things) just for the simple fact that I'm black? Something that I have no control over? I'm sorry but that seems a little unfair to me.

    And people wonder why so many black women are so bitter. Its because we're constantly being sh*t upon by everyone & being told we're not good enough. I mean seriously, just look at the answers here. I'm not trying to complain but it hurts when people say things like that about you.

    • Sweetie, you don't have to explain yourself to him. It's not like he nor anyone else on GAG has a heaven or hell to send you to. Who cares what people think? If you know what you are and what you aren't, then that's all that matters. People can try to sh*t on you all day, but the best revenge is success. So they can stereotype you and put these nasty misplaced judgements on you, but if you're proving them wrong, it couldn't mean less. : ) All they are doing is downgrading their own mind and

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    • What you said is wonderful, I want to ask you this. If you was married & you and your husband was looking for a new house to live in, but it was just a minor disagreement on which house to choose cause he likes one house while you like another, would you expect him to let you choose the house you like?

    • Honestly I don't know. I grew up an only child so I'm used to getting my way but compromise is a part of marriage so I'm not sure. But I'm only in high school I don't know a lot about buying houses.

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  • Nah, I think it's because deep down, most black men have self hating mentaities and it makes them feel better to date and breed out with women who's features are nothing like their's.

    It's not logical to blame thousands of black women whom these black men have never even experienced on a romantic, spiritual, and mental level on black men dating non-black women. That's not even close to a rational explanation. Black men who try to blame black women for them dating non-black women are foolish idiots for acting like someone the black women from their past are miraculously official reps for black women all over America.

    • @AndyWes, who cowardly blocked me to get the last word: They are not "two huge paragraphs". I wrote one comment, then thought of something else to add. Doesn't mean your entire five minutes on the timeline of my life is oh so important lol don't flatter yourself for no reason

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    • Well you haven't experienced most women on this planet for that to be factual comment.

    • You're right I haven't, that's why I choose to be single.

  • Yes.

    Black women are aggressive and not feminine enough. Not to mention, white/Latin/Asian girls are more attractive and feminine in their behaviors, mannerisms and attitudes.

    There's a reason 70% of black women are single and why black men are more likely to date/marry interracially while black women are the least likely to marry or date PERIOD.

    *Waits for the antiracists who will go on to showcase their love for black women*

  • All women can be bossy

    Did the phrases

    "Happy wife, happy life"

    "If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy"

    originate with black women?

    Did black women start the feminist bra burning I hate men movement?

    We aren't any more bossy than any other race. Of course I have an opinion and speak my mind, but who doesn't? Do I want to be the head of the household? No, because I want my man to. I can't stand a weak ass man, I prefer men who are strong and masculine.

    If anything most black women want a man who is a BOSS. We don't want some henpecked punk that we can tell what to do. So the black men who are dating white girls need to find another excuse.

    • If the man is the head of the house hold, then shouldn't it be, "happy husband=happy life?"

  • Oh wow, yet another bash black women circle jerk. It never gets old for you people huh?

    • Ya know what's funny? The things people try to use to stereotype black women are traits that MANY women in this day and age have. Angry, bitter women exist from all walks of life and all races. My mind trails off in a million different directions as I process the framework for a woman's life that can rightfully so make her angry and bitter. My half white/half Japanese friend who fell in love with a guy, got pregnant, and he told her to get an abortion or he would leave her. So she got one and he

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    • Girl, I have stories for days! lol True stories. I've had a, sometimes overwhelming amount, of women open up to me about their minds. The negative traits people try to brand black women with are traits that any woman with a rocky past may cultivate.

    • ahahahh you go girl

  • Definitely not based off of what I've seen. What statistics are you reading? This whole black man vs black woman is highly blown out of proportion.


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  • If this was true, then nobody would be dating Asian girls.

    • Asian girls are known to be submissive and subservient. They're not known to be demanding, which is why they often appeal to non Asian men who lack social skills and an assertive attitude

    • Yeah... That's about as true as the Asian men's stereotype.

    • Idk what the stereotype for Asian men is. I always assumed Asian men were dominant since they're usually head of the households...

      And if we're talking Indian or middle eastern that's a different story

  • i choose not to date most black women because they aren't attractive to me. ever since I was little, around the age of 2 or 3 my "girlfriend" was Hispanic.

    i do understand what you're saying. from my limited experience black women do tend to be more bossy. that is a generality though, not all of them are like this, of course.

    • And "black" is a generality. Obviously, people fall under many different shades of skin tone but we generalize for the sake of communication.

    • i see exactly what you're getting at.

    • I think it's odd when black guys criticize black women, cause black men are the last ones to talk poorly of any other group...

  • The masculine attracts the feminine.

  • I don't know. Maybe its because black people are the worlds favorite race to generalize and scapegoat by other races including some black people.

    • +1

      because somehow, despite all of the situtions that can and will make ANY FEMALE bossy black women are the ONLY women on the planet who could potentially be bossy. Makes so much sense.

    • it does seem true lol. So many people - like the cowardly and ignorant AndyWes - point out as many anti-black stats as they can, simply ignoring any similar stats that apply to whites, browns, asians, middle easterners, etc.

      Sad, really. Black people have really been spat on since recorded history, really...

  • No it's because all dark skinned men pretty much prefer light skinned women so they can have non-dark kids

    skin darkness will weed itself out over time I think