How can you tell if a guy thinks you are a good kisser?

we kissed for a good 10 minutes - and when we stopped it wasn't long until he gave me 2 kisses on the cheek and went straight in again for emm lets say 10 minutes more then we stopped again cause I needed to catch my breath. and I thought we were going to leave it there but just before it was time for me to go home guess what? he kissed me again. does this add up to him thinking I was a good kisser?


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  • Like HonestyinAnonymity says: it's more about whether or not he wants to kiss you. To be a "good kisser" is a very measured and logical thing. Everyone's going to have different ideas and preferences. The most important thing in this instance is whether or not he likes kissing you, not whether or not he can go to his checklist and say "well, I'd rate her a 8/10".

    Personally, for the lady I've been seeing lately, I really don't give any thought to how "good" of a kisser she is. I just I enjoy the f*** out of kissing her.

    If you stress over performing, neither one of you will enjoy it. He enjoys himself, so just go with it.


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  • At the most, it means you're a good kisser. At the least, it means he likes kissing you. And it's the latter that's most important.


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  • I agree with the other answerers.

    Plus, what one person thinks is a good kiss doesn't mean another person will think the same. It's subjective.

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