He texts "Hey beautiful"?

You text a girl "Hey beautiful. Hope you're having a good day!" One afternoon after things being weird between ya'll because you didn't want to hurt her because you're not over your ex. She replies the next morning with "Hey, thanks! It was busy, but pretty great!". You reply 5 minutes later with "Good".

WTF? He hasn't said anything else. That's it? Why even bother?


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  • Ugh. The most common mistake girls make when it comes to texting.

    ASK HIM A QUESTION BACK! "Hey thanks, it was busy but pretty great, how was your day?"

    • Is this really true? That guys want girls to ask a question back? I've never realized this. Why is this so? What are guys thinking when girls don't ask a question back? Just curious.

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    • I took the chances. It's him that didn't. Should I text him, or wait for him to text me, considering everything?

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  • yeah it's true, guys like to be asked a question as it shows you're interested, if he's blunt its because he was expecting a different answer, make sure you let him know that your cards are still on the table :) you'll be fine

    • Note taken. So, he was so short with me, but still answered fast, because he wanted me to be more enthused, but still wanted to talk? Whoops. I didn't say anything else. There's just a lot of past push and pull with him. I guess I couldn't believe he sent that and thought there must be some ulterior motive. He can't go a week without talking to me...should I just wait for him to try again? How do I show him I'm still interested? Be sweet and answer more promptly?

    • exactly, maybe be a little flirty, guys find it hard to sense when a girl likes them aha, we need quite a few clues

    • Maybe he thinks I'm not interested anymore, or hate him, even though he knows I have feelings for him and told him so several times a month ago! It's just frustrating, hun. I think his text was gauging my interest. I know through a friend that he's ready to start dating again, supposedly, but can't find a woman instead of a girl, which is insulting if you knew everything I did for this guy. The mixed signals are maddening. Should I wait for him to come to me then?

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  • I've been in a similar situation many many times before and gets pretty annoying. Perhaps like what the guys are saying, he expects you to ask a question? I'm learning this for the first time now.

  • I know guys text way differently than women, right? I think its possible he's trying to throw some conversation in there to test the waters and see if you will bite. I agree with sexyasian, say something back that might start a convo