My girlfriend received a flirty text from a guy "friend." Did I handle this correctly?

This guy friend of hers has been texting some flirty stuff to her in the past and I have already talked to my girlfriend about him. Before, I told her that it's alright if she wants to keep friends like that but to not take it overboard.

Well, 8 months later it happened again and I accidentally saw the text message. She asked me to answer her ringing phone and his text came up. It said, "Hey beautiful." I calmly talked to her about it and she said it wasn't a big deal since it's normal for him to be sending stuff like that to her. I told her how she would feel if I did the same to her and she said she would get upset. I asked her if it was alright if I started texting and hanging out with my female friends again since she doesn't respect me enough to establish boundaries with other guys.

I asked her to hand her phone over so I can "read" ( I wasn't going to) all her messages and she got noticeably bothered with handing her phone over. I asked to see only to gauge her reaction to me asking the question. She offered to "ignore" his texts from now on but I can't force her to do anything. I only wanted to tell her how I feel and to see if she can calmly talk through this. She read me some of his texts and the latest one asked for the both of them to see one another.

She says she has it under control but if she did, he wouldn't be sending messages like that again. I tell my friends who are girls, when I get flirty texts from them, that I have a girlfriend and I can't have conversations like these. I only ask for my girlfriend to do the same. I asked her why she likes those messages, and it's because she likes it when people compliment her.

So I've told her how I felt without being too pushy, and made it clear that my boundaries should be the same as hers. She is a very naive innocent girl so I'm doing my best to forgive stuff like this. Am I being too nice or do I need to put my foot down the next time it happens?
My girlfriend received a flirty text from a guy "friend." Did I handle this correctly?
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