Guys, what goes through your mind when you kiss a girl?

(or guy, etc..)

And also, do you actually like kissing? Is it just a precursor to more sexual acts?

As a girl, I don't find kissing enjoyable in just the physical act, but in the emotional sense. My mind goes blank, I feel weak in the knees, and I get butterflies in my stomach. :)


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  • I think kissing is more emotional then physical. It depends on the case I suppose, but when I'm kissing a girl I think about my care for her and that each kiss, if done right, can express love and affection to her. I've kissed plenty of girls. Girls I've dated, girls I just mess around with, random girls at parties, but one thing I notice is if I have really fallen for a girl I'm seeing or have talked to for at least a few weeks and we kiss, It's a much more ecstatic feeling. It's like you put your finger in an electric socket.. You just spark and come alive cause there's mutual feelings for each other.


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  • What goes through my mind: Nothing. I'm too busy just enjoying the moment.

    Do I like kissing? Yes, but it depends on where, the mood and the context. There's a time and a place for a slow, passionate kiss that may not feel the same when used in a different context where a kiss on the forehead or a more aggressive, foreplay-type kiss may be more fitting. So it depends.

  • Nothing.

    Just like when I'm catching a ball or shooting a puck, absolutely nothing is going through my mind.

  • but you just said you don't get excited physically. how is it that you're mind goes blank, you get weak in the knees and you get butterflies in your stomach, if you "don't get excited physically". I can't take you seriously in this question

    • I definitely didn't explain myself well. I mean that mouth to mouth contact isn't enjoyable to me. I don't like French kissing, or open mouth kissing even. But I like the way it feels with someone I really like.

    • exactly. and that's because it not only gives you emotional connection, but a physical one as well

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  • Now if I was kissing a guy I'd want to think hmm Damn he's hot or he's a good kisser. But unfortunately I'd be trying to remember what I was thinking because my mind would go blank, my heartbeat would be erratic, I'd be blushing like crazy, feel weak in the knees and my stomach would be doing somersaults. That's how I'd imagine each and every kiss with my guy - my soulmate :D

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