Rebound got pregnant what would you do?

If you were a guy rebounding with a girl and all of a sudden she becomes pregnant and to top it off the rebounds mother is terminally ill what would you do? would you stay with her and turn it into a relationship


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  • It's hard to "stay" with someone you were never with. Assuming this pregnancy is not being terminated, I would expect a mature man in this situation to own up to his responsibility, be supportive of the mom during her pregnancy, and be an actively involved father. I would no expect him to try to forge a relationship where there wasn't one, and I certainly wouldn't expect marriage. (I noticed you called the pregnant chick's mom the dad's "mother in law" in another comment.) If the two get closer and a relationship happens, cool. But it should definitely not be forced.

    • @celestialdaeva:
      A mature woman, if she has the child, happily lets a man choose for him self if he wants to be a father or not. She does not use shaming language or the courts to force father hood onto him.

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    • Laugh all you want, if you had any good arguments you would have made them.

      If someone is forced to work and give you the fruits of that work under the threat of violence that is slavery. If you think there isn't a threat of violence then you clearly have no idea what happens when people don;t pay child support, if you don't even know that WHY? are you even debating the issue?

    • Please, oh wise one, educate me on this alleged "violence" to which a babydaddyslave is subjected.

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  • im not sure what the ill mother has to do with anything...

    if she 'just a rebound' i might try and see if more can come of it, but i wouldn't have high expectations.

    but knocking a chick up isn't a good enough reason to commit to her. by all means, you should be a man and support her, and support the child should she be dumb enough to want to keep it in this situation. but yeah you are under no obligation to stay.

  • I would be SOOO fucking angry OMG! angry. wow. Only the absolute stupidest most irresponsible women alive get pregnant by mistake. There are just way to many options for women to avoid pregnancy, there is no excuse except mental retardation, psychopathic manipulation or child level irresponsibility.

    If she tried to hit me with child support I would live homeless or buy a sail boat and disappear before I gave her a dime. Under NO circumstance would an unwanted pregnancy turn it into a relationship but would 100% end things immediately.

    • there is also contraception failure. but i mean, who needs to acknowledge faultless errors when you can point fingers and call names? that's what real men do. the mature ones, anyway.

      only the absolute stupidest most irresponsible men alive get a woman pregnant by mistake. there is just such a simple way for men to avoid getting a woman pregnant, there is no excuse except mental retardation, psychopathic narcissism or child level irresponsibiility.

      Condom up, bro.

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    • have you seen les miserables?

    • I saw the old a long time ago, I think.. are you asking me?

  • First I would note that this sounds like a really dramatic movie. Second I would advise her, as she's terminally ill, to terminate the pregnancy. Finally I would stay at her side for a few months/years until she's dead then hop back into the game.

    • I should have clarified that the sick person would be his mother in law

    • This is just getting better and better...

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  • I would run away to Belgium

  • wtf is up with calling a person a rebound? sex is sex. a child is a child.
    i think i'm going to go throw up now.

  • Ok, the right thing to do is to assume responsibility because that baby is going to be an orphan. But, considering some friends experience, you need to be careful with this woman.

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