What happened when I approached a random woman in the street

I promise it won't be long. This myTake is sparked by some comments and questions I received from some G@G friends about the statements...

First Date: Date vs. Interview vs. Autobiography

I think the BIGGEST mistake that can be made on a first date is to screw up the communication. Obviously when you are going on a first...

How to make a guy fall in love with you!

Are you looking for a guy to date and a make him a boyfriend? Well here are steps to make a guy fall in love with you head over heels...

Mental health & allowing love into my life

A/n: This will be more for me than other people. I'm kind of feeling down for no reason and needed to write about it in order to calm...

Relearning the "Masculine Love Language": A Guide to Honour Codes

The Love Language is a term I've borrowed from ancient Vedic and Buddhist occult understandings of the Masculine and Feminine. Although...

How to Make Him Cry and Miss You!

You're probably dating a caring, loving and sweet guy that always makes time for you. And he's a man of his words when it comes to...

Is this a date or nah?

When a guy changes the plans to dinner, is this a date or... we were suppose to just hang out at 3 today because he rescheduled from...

Why I hate myself?

I hate how i have treated my current girlfriend i know that I can do better but she doesn't believe me

Guys, what's your dealbreaker when it comes to dating?

Mine is being rude to people (especially to servers, drivers, etc) and bad hygiene.

What do you think about this idea? Invite to a friend's wedding for a first date?

I just had a weird thought but maybe you'll think it's not too bad. My friend's wedding is coming up.

Are we getting closer?

Guy in talking to isn't sure if he wants to make us official but in started to get more involved in his life and know more about him....

Have you personally seen a case of alpha fucks/beta bucks?

Meaning an older woman marrying a man who she never would have had sex with when she was young and in the peak of her beauty.

Should I message him?

I have a problem with a guy I like. We are going back and forward for months. We were hanging out at first, the he tried to kiss me and...

Guys, how attractive are your online dates in person compared to their profile pics?

Of the ones I've met in the past few weeks, only one was less attractive and another equally attractive. The rest were actually slightly...

Is it reasonable to want to date women who are financially successful if you too are financially successful?

I'm a career man. Stay at home housewives aren't for me. Very often it seems, that the financial successful ones are single (but that is...

Is talking to your opposite sex ok if you are in a relationship?

The question is above. What do you think? It is ok or not?

Would you stay in a relationship like this?

Guys if ur girlfriend slapped you, constantly argued And fought you, publically humiliated you, told u that u aren’t allowed to see your...

Who complains more when it comes to dating?

In my experience, it's short guys hating on girls for liking tall guys. I'm a tall girl myself. I'm 5'7" and some guys said they won't...

What was her thoughts on this?

I'm was having a party and invited a girl I'm interested in (kinda like "first date"). We are hanging out with some of my close friends...

How can a woman show interest in a man, and find clarity of how he’s feeling without coming on too strong during the early casual dating stages?

Early/casual dating can be so ambiguous. I’d love some suggestions/tips on how to communicate interest, find clarity of how he’s...