What's the best way to talk on a dating app?

A few friends and I have been experimenting with different ways to communicate to girls on tinder, bumble, POF, etc. We've stuck to the same opening lines and questions trying to find out what yields the best results. What we've found is a few different.. personality types bring about different results:

Our "horn dog" lines (and we never sent pictures of any kind to anyone) would get responses nearly 50% of the time but only 5% were willing to meet up.

Our "douche bag" lines got responses 90% of the time and 10% were willing to meet up

Our "nice guy" lines would result in 70% responses with 5% willing to meet.

Most interestingly, our "wild card" lines where we start with a pickup line and carry on conversationally yielded 60% responsiveness, with 20% willing to meet, however, due to the conversational nature we would end up talking over the course of a couple weeks before trying to meet up. We suspect the extended build up of rapport is probably what lead to higher willingness to meet, but the slight increase doesn't suggest the invested time was worth it compared to the other methods unless an individual is seeking a serious relationship.

This was tested between 4 people with one getting 5-10 matches on all sites daily, and the other 3 getting 1-5 weekly. We suspect physical attraction on the one profile to have grossly inflated the willingness to meet on all personality types. We reached out to almost 300 people before keeping up with the conversational bunch was taking too much time.

What's your opinion on this?
Do you send rude messages on the off chance someone is dtf? Do you casually insult them while coming off as flirty? Do you send nice messages trying to get on their good side? Do you talk like you would normally and develop an online relationship hoping it'll turn into a real one?
We're quite interested to know everyone's thoughts, what works for you, and how you want to be talked to based on what you're looking for.
What's the best way to talk on a dating app?
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