My essential supplies for back to school!


I'm headed to university and determined to be top of my class! (or ast least near the top) Whether it helps keep me organized of is just cute and cheers me up, having nice school supplies helps motivate me to study. Here are a few of my favourites!

The perfect planner or agenda

My essential supplies for back to school!
My essential supplies for back to school!

A planner is your lifeline during the school year and a well organized one will keep you productive and there will be no nasty due-date surprizes! Make sure to get a planner that you absolutley love so that you are more likey to actually use it, because when used daily a planner can be one of your most helpful tools to get you through the school year! I picked up this one by at chapters and I love it!

PS. This one comes with stickers!

A reliable laptop

My essential supplies for back to school!

I picked up a 2015 13 inch macbook air recently, and while some people would dissagree and say this laptop is not for them I think it was the right choice for me. It's lightweight and has the longest battery life out of all of Apple's computers, which makes it perfect for taking to lectures for quick note-taking and it lasts the entire school day! I also like Apple's track record with helping resolve issues. Windows certainly didn't give me a brand new phone when mine started having issues, but Apple sure did when they couldn't fix the issue with my iPhone 6 they apologized profusley and brought out a brand new one, Windows just told me "you're on your own!" ... so maybe I'm a bit bitter I used to be a hardcore PC user though! Choose carefully and find the laptop that best fits your particular needs, and don't be afraid to go to a computer shop and ask LOTS of questions! I can tell you if I was in programming or something that required a more powerful computer I wouldn't have bought the Air! But it fits my needs perfectly!

** also make sure to buy the extra warranty it's worth it! I got Apple care which along with the computer, had a student discount for post secondary students!!

I also got some cute accessories for my computer which also help protect it!

My essential supplies for back to school!

I got this rubberized floral clip on case from Ebay for about $12 It was surprizigly good quality and now I won't have to worry about scratching my laptop on the zipper of my backpack (or anything else in my backpack) as I pull it out every day to take notes! (the flowers are a bit textured too!)

My essential supplies for back to school!

Who hates crumbs under their keys!?? I DO! While my case came with a white keyboard cover I decided to order a spare in turquoise from Ebay for about $4. Sometimes canned air just isn't enough to get things out from under keys so I'd rather just prevent it!

Colourful pens

My essential supplies for back to school!

When I come home from class I have the time to actually handwrite my notes that I quickly took on my computer and organize my thoughts, for me this is a great way to solidify the information in my brain. Why do I use coloured pens? Oganization! Using a different colour for each section of a particular subject, writing certain important vocabuary words in a different color so they stand out, drawing coloured diagrams, however you use them colour coding works! The fine tip helps your notes look neat, and the pens never dry out! I've left mine capless more times than I can count but they always work like new! I've been using these Staedtler fineliners since 8th grade and this is the first year I finally went for the 20 pack (I have purple finally! woo!). Plus all the fun colours are cheerier to look at than smudgy pencil when it comes time to revise and read your notes over! ... not to mention when you flip back the lid the case stands on it's own to save room on your desk!

My essential supplies for back to school!


Expanding File Folder

My essential supplies for back to school!

This 6 pocket expanding file folder is easy to fit in a backpack and has tabs to organize by class, assignments, handouts, or however works best for you! It's also great for organizing bills and other doccuments. The cute Chevron design keeps it from looking boring and may even motivate you to open it regularly! It's a good way to hold papers you don't want to holepunch and put in a binder, without them getting crumpled at the bottom of your bag!


My essential supplies for back to school!

My essential supplies for back to school!

I picked up a bunch of these Sanrio composition books in DisneyWorld Epcot Japan, I really like these thin classic notebooks because they are the perfect size to dedicate one to each class! ... and sometimes spiral notebooks annoy me. I have discovered I like taking notes in notebooks better than using big bulky binders where the pages rip out and you have to use paper reinforcements and things get crumpled! It's a mess! I much prefer small notebooks. I also can't resist how cute these are, and they have a little space for the date at the top of each page!

Water bottles and portible mugs

My essential supplies for back to school!

Okay so I know this isn't exactly a school supply but staying hydrated helps you focused! Aswell as staying awake after an unfortunate overnight cram session with coffee, so water bottles and portible mugs are important! I bought this Asobu flavour infuser water bottle from Chapters for $14, it's durable, has a flip up handle, and the infuser insert can be unscrewed to be used as a regular wter bottle too! The plastic is also BPA free!

My essential supplies for back to school!

I also got this Bodum travel coffee and tea mug at chapters for $30 it has a mesh insert that can brew fresh coffee or tea on the go, it also has a rubber ring on the base so no need for coasters!

ps. I also have some filter water bottles which I also would reccomend!

A sturdy backpack

My essential supplies for back to school!

Of course you need a good backpack to carry all of your supplies! I got this cute JanSport backpack with the simple floral demin and added some vintage disney buttons to make it my own (Alice In Wonderland and Bambi themed if you were wondering). It has a lightweight but well-made design with a laptop pouch and a leather bottom. Best of all it has a life-time warranty! If anthing goes wrong you just mail it to JanSport's warranty centre and they will fix it, and if they can't fix it they'll replace it! I love having that kind of peace of mind when I make a purchase!

You may not be as excited for back to school as I am but back to school shopping is always fun!

Happy studying and I hope this school year goes great for you all!

My essential supplies for back to school!

Without studying ^

My essential supplies for back to school!

With studying ^

My essential supplies for back to school!
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  • SilenRose
    I love back to school supplies! Wish I could write notes like that. Mine aren't worth saving.
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  • ThisDudeHere
    So I can't escape the "back to school" hype on gag too?
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    • Minxxie

      if you can't beat em, join em!

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  • MysteriousFlower
    I think reliable computer is the most important of all. I'm having a few weeks break and I haveto go back next week. I think I will restock the supplies, and that expandable folder would be a blessing!.
    • Minxxie

      Yeah I think a good computer is super important for university too! Good luck in your studies!

    • Thanks, you too 😊

  • Hannah591
    Most of the stuff is useless. I don't know why you'd need a laptop. I needed a laptop in college more than I ever did in school, but I never brought mine in. We used the computers in school. Notebooks and planners almost never get used by me in college. We would wrap our school books in wrapping paper.
    • Minxxie

      well these are things that I personally find useful :)

  • angelling
    I really want that planner! I have my notebook but I need to buy the matching pens since I'm out (seriously where do pens go?) and a new binder. And a backpack. And a folder. I'm gonna have a fun time.
    • Minxxie

      haha well I hope you find everything you need! The planner is on sale at Chapters and Indigo right now if there are any near you!

  • complicated_soul
    I love planners! Last year I got one similar to bluesky. I am not sure if I got the same one.
    Thanks for the little info about macbook air.

    And omg, I dislike tjw covers so much lol. My sister has one of those in pink and I have the huge urge to take it off.

    Yes, colorful things are great!

    I was thinking of getting those infuser bottle or mug, but I still have to do more research on it. :p
  • williemorris
    Really great stuff, didn't know school supplies could be so creative and even inspiring! And special thanks for the Saylormoon pics lol. I usually follow ready-made lists of goods for each grade (I absolutely trust this source
  • TripleAce
    Lol how about you just read and study... don't get too distracted with all your new stuff lol
    • Minxxie

      But why buy boring stuff when you could buy things you like for the same price!

  • 9mfeo
    I can only write in blue pen and I can only underline in red pen. Math can only be done in pencil. Not mechanical pencil though - your average pencil that needs to be sharpened.
  • YusiBear
    Oh crap, school is tomorrow and I haven't done my homework!
    Damn it!
  • Bonnie12I27I12
    awesome take! im honestly so motivated rn xD
    • Minxxie

      yay I'm so glad!

    • so i've already started school and i've been writing EVERYTHING in pink. its crazy but hey its my fav color and i feel like the girl from legally blonde

    • Minxxie

      haha Elle Woods was a badass! do what you need to do to get that A girl!

  • NatashaJ
    Holy shits those notes thou are amazing.
  • springocelot
    good luck!
    it's very competitive out there
  • Anonymous
    girls are much more organised. i have to give you that.
    • Minxxie

      some rare men are organized too hahahaha

    • Anonymous

      well in my exprience from kindergarten to college, girls were the organised ones. and the stuff you buy although a boy i admt are very cute/fun some times. all these colourful notebooks and stuff. it only gets annoying when some girls over doit and flash over in the clash how rich they are by having one million needless colourful pens and stuff... .