Nobody, Not Even Family Members Support Me In My Life Of Me Wanting To Become A FBI Agent


nobody, not even family members support me in my life of me wanting to become a FBI agent.

I grew up in a difficult home where dhs came in and out of my home. i come from a difficult place and seen many of my classmates get killed, or sent to prison at an early age. i seen so many people that do not get justice, but i have always wanted to become a federal agent since the age of 12. i am very quiet, and i trust hardly anyone in my presence. i did not know i would have cases to battle in my own life with the presence so many criminal offenses, finally i am receiving justice.

I have been watching the fbi since i was 12. the same promise i made at the age of 12, currently now i am 22, i still have that promise. a retired FBI agent with the approval of his director taught me everything i know, even he himself has brought down his own director. i have always wanted to go to the army with the MOS as a military police officer. i love protecting people, but i always wanted to protect my country as well. as of 2016, i am finally getting heard.

For four years a prosecuting attorney and other officials has sabotaged my identity horribly with cases and perjuy for pulling strings to avoid arrests. i can finally speak for people who are not able to speak for theirselves. the justice system isn't broken, its the people who make the decisions on your punishment. i will not stop trying to work my way to federal because i really wanna protect people, and this country period. nobody in my family support me in anything, i hardly even talk. i do things out the blue, but i stood on what i believed in. my teacher even in high school told me there might be even blocks laid ahead in life, but i will someday be able to achieve my goals in protecting this country and people.

Just the other day, i was told about the FBI citizen training academy. the more im pushing towards my dream the more resources i am seeing. i have been trying to succeed this since 2012. my family members do not think that i am good enough for anything. i could not even go to the army because of this. i have been through so much to try to get my name straight i feel so relieved.

Nobody, Not Even Family Members Support Me In My Life Of Me Wanting To Become A FBI Agent
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