Don't Be A Loser, Guys! Get Out There and MOVE


Many times on GirlsAskGuys, in myTakes and comments, too many men complain that they are unemployed, uneducated, living in their parents' house; and have no girlfriend/lover/fiancée/wife and no children. Well, let me say this to you: posting on GirlsAskGuys about your misery and loneliness is not doing you any good. If you want to accomplish things, then you have to go out and accomplish things. Don't go on an Internet forum and rant about the things you don't have, looking for public sympathy.

Don't Be A Loser!
If anybody lives like an "extended adolescent", then he (or she) should seek assistance in transitioning into adulthood. He (or she) should consult with parents, relatives, teachers/professors, professional contacts, and government employment agencies to find a (hopefully meaningful) job and get his (or her) life back on track before progressing to the next phase of life: courtship, marriage, and family life.

Complaining about what you do not have on an Internet forum will not help you find a job, a place in life, or a significant other. You may feel rotten about your life right now, but ranting on an Internet forum is just unproductive. If you want what you want, then you have to be able to relax, think clearly, and make a tangible career plan and life plan. You have to focus on your strengths. Everybody has strengths. What are yours? If it helps, you should make a brainstorming chart, put you in the center bubble (because you are important), and make "trait bubbles" on the side, like so:

Don't Be A Loser, Guys! Get Out There and MOVE

put you in the center bubble (because you are important)

Coming up with strengths should not be so difficult. Can you lift weights? Can you bend your knees and elbows? Can you stand for long periods of time? Can you recognize faces? Can you mentally rotate objects in your mind? Those are all physical and cognitive abilities that humans can do. If you can sit in front of a computer, log into GirlsAskGuys, and type up a rant, then I am fairly certain that you have at least basic computer skills. Why not use these skills for something productive and meaningful for your life instead of idling away time and your youth?

If you cannot come up with any strengths, then you need to search for them or acquire them. It is possible that you may be too critical of yourself. If you are too harsh or critical of yourself, then that won't do you any good. You have to accept criticisms, but also take criticisms with a grain of salt. This is a very important life skill. You have to actively search for your strengths. Do you have any hobbies? Can any of your hobbies be turned into profit? Do you have people skills? What about math skills? Out of all the academic subjects, mathematics is arguably the most important, the most useful, and the most valuable. It is the universal language and the set of guidelines that nature follows.

Don't Be A Loser, Guys! Get Out There and MOVE

If you are strong in mathematics, then you may be able to sell yourself as a math tutor in your local area. In addition to actively searching for strengths, you have to acquire new strengths. Maybe you may ask your parents to help you fund your education and training at a local community college for a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars for the whole program. You may get certified as a phlebotomist, for example, and work for the Red Cross and then go back to school part-time or full-time (whatever works for you) to study Medical Technology or Medical Laboratory Science.

You have tons and tons of options. Don't waste your life at a computer, unless you want to work with computers for a living. Redeem yourself today.

Then, when you turn 65, you may look back at your life and notice how much you've accomplished.

Don't Be A Loser, Guys! Get Out There and MOVE
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