Poetry Corner: Career Driven Woman

Career Driven Woman

I look outside the window, the horizon looks bright pink

In the library, the air is tainted with the color of fire

As I watch the students I can't help but admire

Their unwavering focus as they fill blank sheets with ink

And lose track of time

I want to be the best and make a name for myself

Will I relegate other hopes and dreams to the top of my shelf?

"You can have it all", is what I've been told

But that's a lie because I'll keep getting old

And I'll have to make sacrifices

The truth is that everyone has a different path to follow

A career, a husband, kids and a dog

Maybe some of us can have it all

But keep your feet on the ground and don't become hollow

When you realize the hourglass is running out

I made a choice that requires sacrifice

My horizon looks bright pink

But is it dawn or is it dusk?

It doesn't matter, is what I think

I'll just keep doing what I must.

Poetry Corner: Career Driven Woman
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