6 Ways to Cope With Terrible Cases of Exam Stress


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Exam stress eats away at you on a daily basis. I cannot stress enough the emotional strain this pressure can put on you. A person cannot be expected to perform at their best with the constant irritant of exam stress on their back. To target this, I have listed my personal list of solutions. I hope to share them with you!

1. It's just ink and paper.

If you think logically and look at the bare details, it's just a printed sheet. It's just a red pen, not a knife. Nobody is out to get you failed. Everything's okay. It's easy to panic, but it's also easy to calm yourself when you remember the primary resources used in an actual test.

2. Test results don't define you're intelligence.

I realize this may be a controversial topic, but I don't care. Regardless of what anyone says, learning off a very long shred of information and regurgitating it back doesn't make you an instant genius. That isn't learning. Of course, if you get an A, that's great! If not, don't waver in self pity. Remember that in the end, you are just as important as anyone else.

3. Consider all the different types of learning.

You've heard it all in school, but it is true. Some people work best with visual memory, they are best with pictures. Others, may be auditory learning, through songs and sounds. Again, for more people, it could be through touch, or really any other type. Everyone is different. Mind-maps are my personal all time favorite. The traditional sense of learning doesn't necessarily have to be effective for everyone, and that's okay.

6 Ways to Cope With Terrible Cases of Exam Stress

4. Believe in yourself.

Now, this one may be cliche, but it's the truth. Nobody is going to do the exam for you. I've found that entering the exam with a positive outlook really helps me. It's important to never enter an exam with an 'i'm going to fail' kind of attitude. You are awesome. Truth!

5. Take regular breaks in study.

Now if you're like me you'll have no problem with this particular step. I am a self-diagnosed chronic procrastinator. I'm mid-junior cert right now and yet I still find the time to write this. I finished an entire drama today. I said to myself 'i'll study after this episode', and the episodes just kept playing. When I say 'take regular breaks' this is not what I mean. Ideally, study for one hour and take a ten minute break. Now that would be successful studying!

6. Get a reasonable amount of sleep.

Of course, I completely agree with the method of night-before cramming. I think it's an amazing study method! However, don't go too crazy. If you do not get enough sleep, you will be tired for the actual examination. If you are tired in the examination, you will not be able to concentrate. The only thing on your mind will be food or sleep. Worst case scenario, the information get's flushed down the toilet. The whole losing sleep thing was now pointless. Get at least 7 hours of sleep!

Just my personal opinions. Of course, everyone is different. Thank you for reading!

6 Ways to Cope With Terrible Cases of Exam Stress

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6 Ways to Cope With Terrible Cases of Exam Stress
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