5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions


Hey babies. I decided to write MyTakes more often now since my knees started shaking when I was told I need to practice English vocabulary way more than I actually do, so here I go writing now for stuff that I deal with in my real life :)

Today I'm gonna write about emotions...since I'm having a tough time to deal with them lately. I'm gonna teach you some easy tricks to beat your stress before an exam, job interview or even before a...date!

We're basically humans and every legit human deals with emotions...some people have more intense ones, some others deal with them in an easier way. Personally when I first got into the freshman year at HS I almost fainted the first day lol...luckily when my mom gave me a lift home. It was so hard to deal with, because I knew *literally* no one. I was completely alone, and I remember the first time I was called to give a short speech in front of my class, I showed a very, very weak personality, which actually wasn't true at all...I just couldn't deal with my emotions. It was a completely different environment with what I was used to live in.

But, after some months, I started realizing that everything was just a trick of my brain, nothing real, actually everyone was really friendly to me, and I had absolutely no reason to be shy, or insecure.

There you go with some ways to prevent the stress and anxiety before a big moment in your life...

1. Accept your feelings and emotions

Emotions are a part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re having a good laugh over a text message, feeling frustrated in rush hour traffic, waiting on a queue, waiting for your exam paper, you know that the highs and lows you experience can significantly affect your well-being. Accepting them is the first stage of "beating" them in one sort of way.

5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions

2. Feel your feelings

The human brain can do fascinating things. It may seem impossible to you (if you have emotional issues) but you can actually use the emotions in your favor. When I got presentations, which effect my grades with more than 50%, I am exploding inside, but I'm actually happy, because I've been given the opportunity to express myself, and show everyone else what I'm good at. If you use stress in your favor then the stuff you're doing will be more "alive", will reveal more passion which is actually the key of success.

5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions

3. Select the situation

Make sure to make yourself feel comfortable, don't rush things, just let it be..of course after you have done the effort on something (if it needs effort).

Try avoiding things that stress you out as much as possible, and if you can't skip go and read what I wrote up there ^ again :)

5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions

P.S. Don't skip skool by the way lol no matter how much it streeses you out


IT WORKS FOR ME! It's like magic lol. A study made by livescience.com says:

New evidence is in that eating dark chocolate every day can reduce stress. The study, announced today, found that people who rated themselves highly stressed to begin with had lower levels of stress hormones after eating chocolate every day for two weeks.

So babe...it's been proven...Nadz is always right about food. #FoodIsLife

5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions
5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions

5. Meditate. Breath deeply!

People who have tried meditation I'm sure that can relate to this. It's actually the most relaxing thing in my daily life, it goes absolutely out of my routine. I suggest places with water, lake or river parks or even the beach at late night. Believe me it works, the water waves have a deep effect in the psychological part of us. Do not put headphones during though lol. Do not mess it with the workout. Workout needs busting energy and motivation, meditation needs relax and silence.

5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions

Thanks for reading guys. You can try these things at home, no need to spend money. Nadz gives free advice. Make sure to have enough petrol to go to the park for meditation...I guess that's the only expense to try my advice. #mwah

Lemme know if you tried any of them and how it worked for you. You know...for research purposes... :* :*

Cya soon, Nadz

5 Ways To Beat Your Emotions
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Most Helpful Girl

  • lovelyhoneybones
    ALWAYS EAT CHOCOLATE! This was a very good mytake. Back in November I met this guy that I fell for pretty quickly, within two weeks things blew over and he moved on. For the next few months until April I went through the most pain I have ever dealt with and there was nothing else for me to do except let the pain run its course. Sometimes you just have to take time out and focus on yourself, love yourself, do things for yourself. You feel like a new person.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • JDavid25
    Nicely put together Take... You pretty smart lady... I deal with stress in all types of ways really.. It's mainly watching T. V. shows, movies, going deep into my imagination, or sometimes playin video games.. It passes like that.. Eventually... But, yo ways sound pretty good.. Especially the meditation by a lake or water body..
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  • i_research
    Eating chocolate doesn't help in my opinion. It only adds to the habit of eating and not taking any other action, just mourning over whatever the problem is.

    Meditation is good but I think hard to do when emotionally down.
  • Nightinggale
    Nice myTake and good advice. I definitely think that meditation and allowing yourself to feel your emotions are two of the biggest ways to "beat" emotions.
  • ChocoLada
    I love the advices, especially the one about Chocolate :D 😋👌
  • John_Doesnt
    Is that gif Tom Cruise trying to run from his gay thoughts?
  • TomBradysJersey
    Well done. I personally do #4 very often, but struggle with doing #2 and #5.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Sometimes you just have to push through even with bad feelings
  • cupidkisses
    good advice
  • dogfish
    my emotions beat me 😢😱😨😰
  • razor97
    damn this body.