What I Learned From College So Far


College isn't the same as high school. I felt I have grown in so many ways ever since I started. On campus, people are from all these different cities, states, and countries. I learn about different cultures, other people's perspectives, and my community feels bigger now. I'm not in the same little neighborhood I once was and college is helping me grow into an adult.

What I Learned From College So Far

1. Nobody cares how "popular" anybody is.

The main difference between high school and college is that popularity doesn't matter and people don't care what clique you are in. All those popular cheerleaders and obnoxious jocks in high school may continue to be popular in college, but they won't find so many ardent followers and admirers. People in college look down on those who gossip, try to bring others down, and are attention whores. University is a place for mature people who care about their futures and want to devote their lives and careers to something they love to do.

2. Learning is as important as grades.

It's not always about the grades. At college, you are there to get a well-rounded education, define what is important to you, and grow intellectually.

3. Guys are more open to talking to girls (and vice versa).

Guys did not know how to communicate with girls in high school. In high school, multiple guys acted very immature around me but in college, they are actually decent and polite, in addition to being more attractive. Although guys still are a bit immature, they don't act childish like the sexually frustrated high school guys. At this point, the guys realize they need to start acting like men. I also feel less hesitant to approach a guy whether I want to be friends with him or am considering him as a love interest.

4. People at college are open to conversation.

Before college, a person sitting alone at lunch will stay alone. They are the outsider. But in college, someone is going to approach them and get to know them. I was surprised by how people are so open to making new friends and are not weirded out by you approaching them. High school is very cliquey but at college, everyone makes friends with all types of people, even those with completely different personalities.

5. Getting out of your comfort zone is a way to grow.

I've been forced out of my comfort zone every day and every challenge helped me have the whole experience. I've experienced the awkward, embarrassing moments but I've tried to meet as many people as I can and join clubs I'm interested in. Playing it safe holds back opportunities and it's not fun.

Basically, the jist of this mytake is that I'm so grateful for high school aka hell being behind me and attending a university that will help me grow in all aspects <3

What I Learned From College So Far
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