Facebook Nearly Caused Me To Lose My Job

Facebook Nearly Caused Me To Lose My Job

I wanted to share this story with you so you can be aware of something I had never even thought about.

I comment a lot on things on Facebook, as I'm a pretty opinionated person, and I have done for years. One day, I commented on a video and I stated my opinion, though I wouldn't say it was offensive. In short, I stated that it was cruel to keep a deformed animal alive (it was extremely deformed; one eye, no eye lids, no nose) and wondered why a certain group of people often worshipped these animals. That was it. I didn't think much of it and carried on with my day.

A woman commented on it, showing her displeasure which is no surprise; you can't comment anything online without someone being offended. This woman appeared to be an unemployed, PC feminist, an LGBT activist and probably a vegan to add. She said that all lives matter etc and she remarked that someone with my views shouldn't be doing the job that I am as, somehow, that affects my ability to work? People have often remarked on my profile, trying to use it as a weapon against me in the past. I didn't pay much attention to her comment though.

I believe it was the next day that I got a call from my boss. I kind of knew what it would be about. She told me a lady had messaged her through our company Facebook page and sent screenshots of my comment and told my boss that I shouldn't be working in that job!

Facebook Nearly Caused Me To Lose My Job

Thankfully, my boss saw that the woman was trying to be vindictive and laughed that the woman needed to get a life. She also entirely agreed with my opinion and she knows I've worked with animals in the past and I care about them. I told her that I've definitely learned from the experience and that I will removing my place of work from my profile!

I really don't know what this woman expected, other than getting me sacked. Legally, my boss couldn't have sacked me for something unrelated to work and because of my opinion. You have to go through a disciplinary procedure anyway.

I never expected an offended, disgruntled person would actually go out of their way to get me sacked! It really opened my eyes to the lengths some people will go to, so if you're someone that has your place of work public on your profile and you comment on a lot of things, I'd recommend hiding your place of work and being aware that there are some very sad people out there who will happily try to destroy a stranger's life if they take offence to them.

Facebook Nearly Caused Me To Lose My Job
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  • Wonderer89
    What a nut job 🙄 some people seriously can’t take an opinion and leave it at that. At least your boss was realistic about the situation though, and nothing came of it.

    I did something stupid with social media a few years ago, I had my employer set to the company and my profile on public. I’d been offered a better contract under an individual agreement instead of the standard company one, so was going from being paid two weekly to monthly and they stuffed up my pay. The week before my wedding I hadn’t been paid anything for almost two months and I frustratingly put up a status about how it shouldn’t be this hard to get paid. Didn’t name them or anything and it wasn’t derogatory or untrue, but I got a call from HR the next day as their search algorithm had picked it up. I almost lost my job because “how would it look to shareholders if they saw that we aren’t paying our employees” 😐
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    • Anonymous

      Wow, that's tough! I didn't think they had social media algorithms as well. :O Most of my profile is only visible to friends, but even my family can't see my posts and I always think twice before I make something visible to the public.
      It really up your eyes though!

    • Wonderer89

      I don’t know if many employers do it, I only found out due to this instance but we have a huge social media presence so it kind of makes sense.
      Haha straight away I removed everything related to my job and made everything private. I keep LinkedIn for networking but that’s the only place.
      Never know whose watching I guess 😊

    • burpzzzzz

      Well you should had a lawyer look up the contract.
      Also the company didn't pay you on time because it would make it appear the company is having a larger profit when it's not. If they do it to enough people the stock price can go up.
      Apple does it different way but getting a bank loan at very low interest rate. They have a large sum of money cash on hand which makes it appears for the company is doing much better which increases the price of stock.

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  • meowcow
    The interwebz is the home to all the trolls on this planet.
    These are people who have achieved nothing in life, and so their only means to have a voice is through the internet.

    Mingle with the stupids, and you yourself are stupid. Always hide your identity, mask your IP, and post as little personal information as possible. Never post your current job on Linkedin. Never post photos from a smartphone unless you know how to delete the hidden metadata that identifies your location (people can find your house address simply by looking at the photo's code). Never use your real name on social media accounts.
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  • ADFSDF1996
    Yes, unfortunately there are disgusting people who try to ruin people’s lives by trying to silence opposing views through fear. Currently it’s usually the SJWs who do this. I use to comment a lot on Facebook, I would be very vocal in criticizing the far left but recently I realized that Facebook has a very unnecessary feature where my comments appear on my friends newsfeed so I stopped commenting on posts.
    • Anonymous

      I wish they didn't show up on friend's news feeds.

    • ADFSDF1996

      Me too.

  • TheFlak38
    Never keep your profile set on public.
    Never add personal info such as your job.
    Never add anyone from your company unless he/she is very close to you.
    • Anonymous

      My work has always been on my profile and never thought twice about it until this happened! It's hidden now and only my qualifications are shown so future employers can see them. :)
      I only added one coworker who doesn't work there any more but she can't see my posts.

  • MarkRet
    I never use Facebook (I don't understand it, and don't really care anyway), but I used to be a civilian working on a military base, and we had a co-worker who was always on Facebook (don't know if she was actually doing this AT work), and was putting information out there about the functions on the base, certain co-workers she didn't like, etc. The management found out about this, and she ended up getting suspended for a while. She's lucky she didn't get fired, because a civilian or military person putting that kind of thing out on Facebook is a security violation, which we were ALWAYS getting memos and training about.
    • Anonymous

      Some people are stupid. She likely knew she was breaking the rules as well.

  • AtomicCheesing
    We were taught this in school. Professors encouraged us to delete social media profiles. Hiding your place of work doesn't work. Where I work HR does watch what we post. We have to be cautious about what we post.
    • Anonymous

      All my posts can be seen by certain people. I have to consciously make them public and I if I do, I ask myself if I would be happy for my family and for professionals to see it.
      I keep social media because I enjoy all the videos on my news feed and there are support groups on there that I am involved in every day.

  • madhatters4
    this is one of the many reasons why i limit how much information people can view on my page.

    the operative words are Social and Media and in those terms comes the caveat that there is very limited privacy and the reality that what you say can be very public
  • BrittBratt2416
    Wow that is absolutely low down for someone to do that! How butt hurt and petty can you be to email someone's job just cause they didn't like an opinion. I honestly just went through that with a crazy girl on here trying to paint as a evil person just cause I didn't share the same opinion/beliefs as her. But to get someone fired over it is just pure evil and entitlement. I get you have to be careful with certain things posted on the internet, like threats but something that small was blown way out of proportion. Honestly, that lady needs to be careful her dang self, she made it very well know it was her that contacted your company in order to try to get you fired. If it was someone who was really struggling and needed their job WAS fired, they would know exactly who it was and might attempt to hunt her ass down just so she knows what it feels like to be targeted for no reason. Seriously, if she keeps it up it just might happen, people are going through hard times and will snap.
    • Anonymous

      I hope someone does snap on her and she gets her comeuppance.

  • goddess87
    People don't understand that whatever you post online is for the world to see. It is becoming a common thing to lose your job over a post and an even more common thing in this day and age for freedom of speech to be less and less accepted. Everyone is offended over the tiniest things and it is those offended few that will form and create backlash against you. Unless you can handle the repercussion of any and everything you post, it's best to think about what you are saying before posting.
    • katiesmuff

      I think it is even smarter not to be on social media at all. I believe it is the worlds curse! Everywhere you turn today, go today, etc everyone has their face stuck in front of a computer or an i pad or a smart phone.

    • goddess87

      I agree. People can't even drive anymore because no one seems to be able to hang up and do it. It makes me ill when driving to look over and see someone not even watching the road, but staring down at their phone. It's much worse than DUI. Just ridiculous how people are so dependent on electronics

    • Darknut123

      I couldn't agree more, they seriously need to find away to jam signals while a vehicle is on. I've even been behind some people s that sit through an entire green light texting. Its like they wanna look cool to whoever is looking and feel important

  • I know of cases where (the misuse of) facebook has caused job losses.
    Good, that you learned it. Now keep that in mind.
    Better yet - cancel social media. It's cancerous anyway. But you do as you please.
  • chrisbigman
    Yeah, some people are THAT crazy that they are willing to threaten your livelihood just because you don't agree with them or they don't agree with you. As of late, Donald Trump has been a prime example of that. That's evil lurking at every corner going to work. That's the great thing about freedom of speech - you should not be penalized for your opinion, regardless of how much someone doesn't agree with it.
  • WalterRadio
    I am an employer. I have not hired people because of their facebook pages.

    I don't have a facebook page.
  • AynonOMouse
    I have never put where I work on my social media for that very reason.
    • Anonymous

      I didn't even think of it being an issue until that happened.

  • betaTester
    To be more precise, being a retard nearly caused you to lose your job. Facebook didn't do anything.

    What is the animal that 'people worship'? (inb4 it's a human)
    What is your job? (inb4 nurse)

    People who write vague story to get sympathy on here are funny
  • KrazyGirl70
    That's awful! I was on yelp one time and I wrote the a review, all these people were coming at me with their low comments. One saying only a woman would say that, people disgust me. HELLO our constitution says we have freedom of speech, seriously I think these people need to take a course on our rights.
    • katiesmuff

      You need to grow up and realize what this world is all about. You did have your free speech and so did the ones who apparently were not real pleased with what you said. That is called freedom of speech as we know it. More often that not it is more advisable to keeps one's opinion to themselves

    • @katiesmuff I do realize that, but again I’m voicing my honest opinion on this topic. I don’t really need you saying this again to me. I’m just pointing out the ignorance presented.

    • @KrazyGirl70 You didn't see the irony of your own comments. You're pointing out your own ignorance.

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  • FreshOutaIdeas
    This is why humans need to drop (un) social media...

    It's a joke, a farce and a downright fucking shame.
  • deraz24
    Wow yea I always knew social media could get people messes up and even seen people get arrested for posting too much, but for a whole person who doesn't even know you to do that is crazy. She had way too much time on her hands
  • Brokenheartedx
    Never have ur work details put on Facebook.. where u go or went to school etc ESP if u comment on things from media etc...

    Make it a lesson learned a lot of people will cut ur throat to make themselves seem relevant

  • JustinTheGreat
    Wow that woman really had no life. Like I've seen comments on the internet that I thought were rude or uncalled for, but I would never take my time to go on their page and find their boss.
  • Djaaay
    I have a story for you. Same thing happened to me. A feminist woman from New York complained about something i posted once. She realized I was a (CEO) of a company. She found the owner of the company and complained profuciously. little did she know , I was also the owner. So i played it off just listening to her rant. I then invited her for an interview to acknowledge her complaint and find disposition towards the grievance therefore at my expense. When she arrived finally at the airport , I suggested an audio/video grievance to impliment the sanction better , she agreed. With her hand print on the cup , the print was identified and I found out her complete story. The audio/video was sent to her employer where she was fired on the spot by other elected officials. She (was) a city clerk.
    • Anonymous

      Wow! Was she really rude and horrible in her complaint? What did you post?

    • Djaaay

      Her demeanor was more or less agenda driven towards female superiority. As she figured I was in alliance with her , she spoke in a tone of protest against men having any right whatsoever to be opinionated towards female advancement in areas concerning the work force. What I posted was the irony of what feminism really is. I'm pretty sure she was politically motivated. What I found out shortly after was absolutly interesting. Her ex- husband was the guy I replyed my comment to.

    • I'm confused. If she knew you were the CEO, how did she not know you were the owner? Also, I'll admit, maybe I'm missing something (like a metaphor), but how did her finger print help you, exactly?

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  • anewgirl
    People are extremely petty and always looking to be offended. FWIW, I’m with you. 😂👍
    • That's the point, they are looking for it. The particular topic doesn't matter, it's just an excuse.

  • TripleAce
    Oh yes
    People don't give a rats ass about others really

    its a race to the top and everyone wants to be there and they are willing to do anything. Literally anything
  • HGG3805
    Surprise, huh? And that is one of the dangers of social media. Be careful what you post on line. And never assume words or pictures you post will not be seen by everyone.

    I was in a job interview not long ago in CA. It was a round table discussion with a number of people interviewing me. To my surprise, the key person had done a search for info on me. She asked me about a lot of things she had found. I have been very careful about posting much of anything but it caught me by surprise when she went down the list.
  • JustCallMeLeon
    "This woman appeared to be an unemployed, PC feminist, an LGBT activist and probably a vegan to add."

    Nough said.
  • Barrabus_the_Free
    I don't even have my real name on my Fakebook. Definitely not my employer.
  • SophinJur
    Oh my... I guess I should be prepared the next time I have to share opinions with my real name
  • booshlinux
    Lmfao.. Facebook.
    Keeping grown ass adults in a middle school mentality since 2004.
  • Logorithim
    It's unfortunate that this happened, but there are some really messed up and hateful people out there.
    • Anonymous

      Well you would if you lost your job. The internet is more powerful than we give it credit for so yes, we should give a fuck!

    • I won't lose my job. I would simply not answer those people. The importance of what they say is zero for my life.

  • disgustingweebtrash
    Honestly people get THAT offended by comments on Facebook and try to destroy someone's life because of it? Such people have no fucking morals
  • NYkid27
    I think it's best to keep your social media accounts private and not post anything you wouldn't want your employers to see
  • Ari310
    I never put where I work on my facebook profile! It is nobodys business. That way nobody can report you to where you work.
  • katiesmuff
    Ouch! Seems young miss KrazyGirl70 has a bit of a problem with criticism as she blocked me after I replied to her answer.
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    So you didn't really almost lose your job.
    What is your job anyways?
    And Facebook didn't get you in trouble, PC culture did.
    But also, that's why I don't post my job description on Facebook
  • rose004b
    I've heard similar stories. I created a FB account for the sole purpose of liking and commenting whatever I want without worrying about who can see it.
  • JesseEllyson
    My Facebook account is limited. By that I mean that I only have a few "friends" on Facebook. I'm not one of those people who adds as many people as possible as if it were a popularity contest. I started my Facebook account with only people I actually know. The people I have added since, those who I don't know personally, have all been people who's comments I had seen on a regular basis and either approved of or, at least, respected. Also, if they were people I was seeing regularly, that meant that they were friends of friends. There was at least some kind of connection. At this point, after half a decade of Facebooking, I still only have around forty "friends" on my list. I keep everything tight and close.

  • Walrus_au
    I have always been careful to keep a separation between my social media and my work life. I have seen people get burned by facebook, and other social media accounts and posts.
  • AlphaGhost
    Its unfortunate and I think now will be best time to regulate the feminism and other Gender specific hate groups and if you want equality then these hate wouldn't exist in the first place and world population is increasing but number of jobs is not picking up pace with it cuz
    People are lazy and they want to just earn enough for them rather than motivated beings ready to do something extraordinary like starting new business and I think the condition will continue to worsen until its out of control and utter disaster and I think Feminist need to calm down and think What they are really doing?
  • Silver158
    Once a manager at my work alleged that I was posting negative things about my workplace/job on facebook. I wasn't but he'd taken to hating me for some reason. And I replied with "What did I post? How did you see this?" He said he'd been on my page and read my posts. I replied with "we're not friends and my facebook is set to ultra private, you can't even send me a friend request. So, you couldn't have seen anything apart from my profile picture..." He backed down pretty quick.

    In short though. watch both what you post (i wasn't posting anything) and who you annoy because they'll try to use anything they can possibly think of against you, even if it doesn't exist.
  • SuccessfulHornDog
    People like that, sjws, online crusaders... are complete shite. They are bullies and seriously ill
  • Goochbreaker
    ugh these scum are everywhere, blame the state and schooling system
  • Nice222
    Good info and thank you for sharing. I don't have my work on my profile. But I do have some other info on there that I will be removing.
  • googeee
    That is why I<ve stop comenting on facebook some people want to damage other peoples life for an internet argument.
  • jacquesvol
    I even don't mention former employers on my Facebook profile.
  • Surely
    Some companies actually pay people to search the web to see what their employees are posting.
    The company I retired from is one of them!
  • John_Doesnt
    I would have fired you for using Facebook while working instead of you know.. WORKING.
  • KhabibNurgomedov
    just dont have facebook and talk crap about people at your work you will get into shit
    • I had the same at school with this guy who bullied me I messaged him saying a load of shit because he wouldn't come up to me and say to my face so he went to his parents like a bitch

  • DJZest
    Facebook, as is Google, is evil. I'm sorry to hear this.
  • Bandit74
    I genuinely hate people like that.
  • lazermazer
    haha dodged a bullet there
  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    What's your job?
  • CT_CD
    Interesting myTake