What Would I Do If I Go Back To High School!


I want to forget about my high school years. I don't even talk to my high school friends. These years were my worst years. I stopped reading books, listening classical music...All my habits changed.

What Would I Do If I Go Back To High School!

Now I am thinking like "Didn't I have any good times?". No, they were lost years for me.

Most people say "I would like to go back when I was 25 and change blah blah blah.." But It is hard to hear them saying "I want to go back to my high school years and change...". I wonder if they had perfect time and have no regret. Or they don't want to go back to that times.

What Would I Do If I Go Back To High School!

Most teens want to be social and popular. But you are all alone there. You meet a new person inside you. You have a new you. So it is better to know yourself first at that time.Try to understand your character before finding friends.

You know how to find a friend? You don't choose your friends. You just draw them to you. You draw the people that are similar to you. Just like falling in love with someone.

What Would I Do If I Go Back To High School!

You might want to be popular. It is fine but know why you want to be popular.

And the grades you have also have no meaning. Just find what you are into and discover your talents. If you can't find what you like, try to find what you don't like. These things are important.

And people who bully. I just wonder how come they ended like that. I wonder what kind of problems they have faced till now. I feel sorry for them. So the best answer for them is to say you feel sorry. Because you will leave high school. They won't be in your life forever but these people will have that character forever. They will never change. They will always have a bad mind and a bad heart.

The last thing I want to say is that just try to survive.

What Would I Do If I Go Back To High School!
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  • jp612612
    I don't know how old you are, but you sound really young. I had a great time in high school, but even then, that time in my life was insignificant. It's a waste of your time to be so worried about... I mean, what are you worried about exactly? Are you wishing you used a different brand of zit cream or that you asked your mom to borrow the car more often? Do I talk to my "friends" in high school anymore? Of course I don't. I mean, it's not true... I talk to two of them, but the rest of them have nothing in common with me so of COURSE I don't talk to them. My college friends have way more in common with me than my high school friends ever would because my college friends were on a similar life course that I was. That's why my LinkedIn account is full of college friends.

    But this would be obvious to you if you weren't 19 or whatever. So here's the thing... I'm sorry you didn't like high school. But it doesn't matter. You need to get over that and get your life together because nothing mattered in high school and you're facing real life decisions now so just make sure you get your head on straight going forward.
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  • Curmudgeon
    "I don't even talk to my high school friends."

    Were they really friends, or just people you were stuck with? I suspect the latter.

    Anyway, I can tell you that as the years, nay decades, pass, you will STILL look back in sadness and even anger and bitterness, but that all of those will fade into irrelevance.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • hasrett
    I really enjoyed high school. It was super easy, compared to college. And I had a great bunch of friends.
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  • zagor
    I didn't enjoy HS much, but I still went to my reunion. I actually spent more time there talking about our elementary and middle school experiences than HS.