Top College Vlogs to Check Out Before the School Year Start


Hello everyone I know its a bit early for this but I just want to get it out the way since Im preparing for my senior year of college soon. Here are the top vlogs I promised you. Enjoy

1. Ana Mascara

Ana Mascara AKA Granny Ana is know for her college vlogs that helps students all over the world. Her most popular videos consist of How to Active Read, Note taking methods, How to Study efficiently and more.

2. Mariana Study Corner

I been following Mariana vlogs since my sophomore year of college. Her vlogs mostly focus on detail note-taking and organization.

3. Crash Course

Crash Course is a very well-known vlog involving John Green. His videos are really helpful in any subject/major in college. His really came in handy for me when I had lazy professors who did not want to teach.

4. Ted-Talk

This is my third time (I think) mentioning ted talk videos on gag. Ted-Talk videos come in handy when you need to right an essay on a certain topic. For example I had to write an essay on prostitution and a ted-talk video was used as one of my examples in my essay.

5. Halidonmusic

Halidonmusic is a classical music station that helps you stay focused when you are studying. Research shows that if you listen to Mozart while studying you are most likely to pass your test. This is known as the Mozart Effect and I will leave the link below in case you don't believe me.

Mozart Effect Study:

And these are all the vlogs I have so far. If you have any that you would like to recommend let me know in the comments below and I will definitely check them out. I will be making a post soon about what to bring/ what not to bring to college soon. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Top College Vlogs to Check Out Before the School Year Start
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  • IlyaTheImpaler
    I didn't know people actually make videos about these things and even go through the examples step by step!! These girls truly care about helping young people learn the meta skills (learning how to learn), that is admirable. Active reading is like one of the first meta skills. I think those who study math at young age typically develop their meta skills subconsciously (like the bare minimum prerequisite, if you don't have something equivalent to these, you might be able to do math mechanically but will fall behind quickly later on)
    I've been doing this since I was like 11- 12, but I never use pen and papers to take notes. For a few reasons:

    1) Unlike suggested in the first vid, using the hand distracts me, connecting ideas to muscle memory (1st method) or touch sense (2nd method) is so weird to me, in the vid she does that with `oral stage` but i'd hate to have to connect any hand movement to things like `compactification of manifolds`, though it might be easier for simpler things like `contravariant functors`, anyway I can see how that works for people, but my own suggestion for reading is... just create a mental image lol

    2) So basically whenever I read anything there are always a bunch of objects and arrows in my mind. For that reason, handwriting is too slow for my thoughts. And I'm allergic to keeping huge amount of paper notes around. Also watching her memorize that list was funny 😂 it's like
    1. rewrite the list
    2. memorize it lol
    reminds me of the Feynman problem solving method to solve any mathematical problem
    1. write down the problem
    2. think hard
    3. write the solution lol

    3) Color coding is cute, generally i think colors are powerful device to memorize... but i never need to use it... I find it bothersome to carry a bunch of colored pens, and it's kinda unsavory to color over the texts of your books/notes. One of my friends does it with her book I was like ew it's like watching that poor book being abused. Anyway like suggested above, you can certainly color code your mental image, you can add other dimensions to your image too like touchy, feely stuffs or smells... there are people who associate feelings with mathematical concepts/themes (like parity, invariant, global regularity etc), like the vid said, engage as many senses as you can when you're learning.

    4) The most fatal weak point of handwritten notes is they are not searchable and indexable: try to locate one of your thoughts from 2016 in a pile of notes lol I could do it because I built a wiki with Node. js and let it grow with me.

    For note taking, I use Markdown:
    - or
    - the tips in the second video are pretty much built in features of Markdown, the structure of my wiki are pretty flexible (with columns and quick notes with link to each other and stuffs)

    It's basically a collection of cells/notes using markdown. Google also has something that looks similar (obviously I'm not gonna share my personal wiki)

    The stuffs i watch on youtube are probably not useful to most people 😂, as for what to bring to school perhaps cellphone, a bottle of water, your own food container (go green! less plastic bags!)

    sorry if most of these don't make sense im kinda drunk rn lol

    • brebre234

      Lol wow thank you for the insight and I will definitely checkout the Mark down method. I been following Ana since Freshman year and Mariana since Sophomore year. I love both and they are extremely helpful. And it was funny with Ana remembering the list. She got one wrong and said same thing and wrote it down lol

  • apple24
    Honestly I am going back to school and I have to take an entrance exam for math. When it comes to textbook studying you have no choices but to read it over and maybe pratice quiz. But if your smart then you know that you have to study everyday so you don't forget what you learned. And slowly but surely you'll know why this works with that. Although I am a crazy person that play loud youtube videos while watch math tutorials. lol
  • Cuppo_Mode
    Reading? I hate that, who reads am I right?
    • brebre234

      Well college is going to hit you hard if you dont like reading. There is a lot of it. Best of luck

    • Cuppo_Mode


    • Cuppo_Mode

      Wait a second