What It's Really Like Having Dyslexia!

What Its Really Like Having Dyslexia!

I was diagnosed with dyslexia along with dyspraxia and short term memory loss aged 7. The dyspraxia and short term memory loss are kind of adds ons to my dyslexia and that's why im just gonna talk about them as a whole. a lot of people have picked up on my spelling and grammar mistakes on this site and im kinda getting fed up with having to explain it to people who call me out on it and then them feel like a dick afterwards so instead im wanna write this to educate people what its like for me so they can understand better.

Being compered to others with dyslexia.

Dyslexia is different for everyone, we see things differently from others including others with the same disabilitie. The best way to explain it, it's like everyone else is learning from the same computer but your computer has less storage to everyone elses and has glitches that takes you somewhere you didn't mean to. Sometimes the glitch takes you somewhere better than what you were originally looking for, other times it just makes things messy and hundreds of virus come up. I find it so annoying when i make a mistake or am struggling with something and someone points it out snd when i explain i have dyslexia they reply with oh well i have a friend whos cousins mum has dyslexia and she has no issue with doing what your struggling with. Makes me just want to tell them to shut up telling someone about their own issues when they have no clue.

Try to subtly help instead of pointing out are mistakes in front of others.

One of the things i dread most is when im made to write something and i don't know how to get the words out on paper but i still try and end up making mistakes and someone points it out publicly in front of everyone. I get it sometimes people don't click at first but that person might leaning disabilitys but in future just quietly whisper to them the correct spelling to save them the humiliation in front of everyone.

Its not just a academic issue, it can effect us in everyday situations.

Ever since i left school and had to get on the bus to college, shopping for myself keeping to a schedule were all things id struggle with till i got into a routine of things. When I'd get on the bus id have to work out what time to get up abd ready and then the walk to the bus and how long it would take to get were i wanted. I hate counting change i front of people whilst keeping others waiting, it gives me so much anxiety so id practice what id say to the bus driver whilst walking to stop over in my head and holding the exact right amount of change in my hand the whole way to the bus so i don't have to count it out in front of others.

Sometimes i pay the wrong amount and get all embarrassed, confused and red when it comes to paying for things and giving the wrong amount. One regular bus driver noticed when i first started taking the bus i was giving me the wrong amount of change and instead of embarrassing me in front of everyone in the line hed give me back my change and say i dropped something instead when getting off the bus to save me the embarrassment. Not many people pick up on it in situations like that and get frustrated instead so it really touched me but he understood and helped instead.

Sometimes it effects the way i think to, i miss hear what people are saying and get confused and don't know how to respond. Or ill have a really bad day and my head gets all jumbled and my dyslexia comes out verbally. Ill say but instead of put for example.

Were not idiots we just have are own strength and weakness.

I got told i was a idiot all the time throughout school by students and teachers. One world i always tell people not say not to call me is a idiot. You can call me anything but don't call me a idiot till you've had to deal with the shit i do on a daily basis and still hold it together.

I know im not stupid and the teachers i did have that were trained in teaching dyslexic students spotted out i was actually a over achiever in some areas others my age were miles behind. In tests id alway get the answers every else got wrong right and all the questions everyone got right wrong. I always very talented in creative subjects like English, art and Drama because i had a higher emotional intelligence to others and get deeper into the meaning of certain things because im a over thinker and see everything everyone else is ignoring. I find it very easy to be imaginative and think out the box.

Over thinking and self doubt

Because we make so many errors we start to not even believe in are selfs and start questioning if we were wrong or right for ages a over think it because we are so used to believing were wrong we will take what someone else says as right because we don't want to look dumb even if that person is clearly wrong. Because everyone will be convinced the normal person is right over the dyslexic. You don't even bother sticking up for what you believe is right because your just fed up and dont want to disagree.

Over thinking is one thing im doing 24/7 my brain doesn't turn off and i struggle to go sleep and over talk about everything because i have hundreds of different ways to think about something it comes into my head visually, like scattered words in different fonts and colours and in pictures and loads of different voices saying things all at once . Its like flickering through the tv to find a good show all night. Ill just change subject out of no were in conversations or talk over others because i feel like if i can't get out what I need to say it will be playing over and over in my head.

Ignorant people

In my life I've had to deal with a tone of ingnorant people when it comes to my dyslexia. Some people think talking to me like im 2 will some how cure me, u hate it when i get something right and someone says "good girl" or trys to high five me and acts overly enthusiastic when i get something right for once. Your helping me with my math homework not training a dog. I actually said that to a teaching assistant once and her face was pure gold πŸ˜‚.

I also can't stand people who pretend to be dyslexic or say there a "little bit dyslexic" without any diagnosis for attention some idiots even lie about taking meds for it. You can get omega-3 pills but they don't do much, you can't take meds for dyslexia, dyslexia can not be cored. What's with the people who say there a "little bit dyslexic" you either are or you aren't there's definitely different levels of dyslexia but there's no such thing as being a "litter bit dyslexic". I even had one dumb shit ask if she could caught dyslexia from me so I'd alway cough near her on purpose πŸ˜‚.

Having a boyfriend who also has dyslexia is a amazing.

I always avoided getting romantically involved with anyone else with learning disabilities as i thought two dyslexics together is just asking for trouble.

Before i had my boyfriend guys would get really annoyed with me if id text back with a miss spelling or struggled to read something but me and my boyfriend work really well as a team together and support one another. he's really good with maths so he helps me with that and in return i help him with his spellings.

Things all dyslexic can relate to.

. Getting left and right mixed up

. Autocorrect is actually the worst

. Over analysing everything

. People not being quick enough for your jokes

. Having a organised mess in your bedroom

. Having to do a double take when walking past someone wearing something by French Connection

. Having to sound stuff out before spelling it

. High lighters are a god send

. Alexa or Siri is your best friend

. Even Google has no fucking clue what your trying to spell sometimes

. Getting "put"and "but" mixed up

What It's Really Like Having Dyslexia!
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  • lightbulb27
    Thank you for sharing your reality. Goes to show we are all different, we learn different and important to be understanding of others in our high speed world.

    Each flaw seems to result in some unique gift as well.

    What's interesting is we all get things wrong, but the learning process is "refinement"... be it walking, throwing a ball, language, anything... is a matter of fine tuning. Watch children and older people as they do it. My mother has everything nearly backwards now emotionally...

    Whatever part of the mind focuses and tunes seems a jitter. I'd wonder if you were born with this (possible family trait, trauma early on) or if it was brought on by emotional stress as a child and the stress wasn't resolved. You are sensitive and creative, so things like that hurt more than other people. Some people are emotionally dunce, you feel it.

    You'll have a gift to help others as the bus driver did, you can help people who have unique minds grow to be their best. probably be very goodat it. Occupational Therapy is one such profession in USA. .. lot of schooling though. therapy, social worker, etc..

    The mynd is an amayzinj tkign! (intentionally messed up text to show a point). It be worth learning how the mind works, via book on tape if that heps, so you realize how special it is. We don't see what's there... we project it. So that's why you or most people could read that first sentence... by removing what shouldn't be there and filling in what we think should be there. It's fascinating... and helpful to understand everyone else. Just one didbit.
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  • jemismyname
    that's cool! haha i have to take drugs to make my brain glitch out.

    Also, i like your glitchy computer simile. I can relate to that. I always love computer glitches (well, at least if they don't cause me to lose work or make the computer or program crash). I used to spend hours exploring glitches i found in video games when i was a kid.

    things like buffer over-runs or reading memory from the wrong location and then using it for a purpose other than what it was intended (like reading graphics data from memory and using it as music data, instead, for example). it can be great fun!
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  • MeatPuppet
    I have short-term memory deficits, borderline dyspraxia, borderline dyscalculia, but I am hyperlexic, which is the functional opposite of dyslexia. Nevertheless, I can relate to your testimony. "Normies" can be real assholes sometimes.
  • pizzalovershouse
    can't say we all have sond problems I havd severe food allergies to foods but I can eat nuts in low amounts go figure
  • Snakeyes7
    I have auditory processing disorder which is sort of like the auditory version of that. Instead of
    • Snakeyes7

      It’s like at brief moments in a conversation, you forget what your native language sounds like and you hear nothing but mumbling. Like you know they are trying to say something but nothing is coming through.

      This is shockingly what it’s like: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt4Dfa4fOEY

  • IdentetarianimSucks
    Yeah, from what I hear, it's not dyslexic being easy.
  • BeMuse