Why am I held to a higher standard at work?

My question is why do my bosses hold me to a higher standard at work than everyone else?

Ever since I started rising through the ranks at work. My bosses have been extra tough on me. Since I've reached the position of being a programmer. My hours were shifted from a set schedule to an exempt position, but it's desired that most programmers in my department show up for a majority of basic business hours (8-5). I usually am in around 8-8:30am, take a short lunch (15 minutes when given an hour), work late about twice a week, and finish my projects before their deadline.

So now on exactly what's been happening. Throughout the last few months I've really started to take notice more and more. If I'm 5-10 minutes late 5 times a month. My bosses tell me to try to be more punctual. While my colleagues on average show up around 10, and leave around 5 while taking an hour lunch. They watch Netflix, Facebook, and play games on occasion without any punishment. If I watch a short youtube video. My bosses will ask me what I'm watching, and ask if it's work related. Even while the guy next beside me is laughing while watching a show for 15-30minutes.

This past week, my direct boss harped at me for talking too much to other employee's. Which would be understandable, but there were 2 manager's, and about 3 other employee's doing the same thing for an hour the other day. While I had only talked to someone for about 15 minutes. This was not only unfair, but extremely embarrassing. As I was singled out yet again, and ended up nodding my head politely. Then left to study.

Now, I know thus far that my bosses have nothing against me as a person, or my race as we're the same race and most the other employee's are as well in my department. My bosses are the one's who have promoted me, are usually pretty open, polite, and personable with me. Which cause's me to be even more confused as to why every other employee get's a lot more freedom than me. Even though I've done nothing wrong.
Why am I held to a higher standard at work?
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