What's the best prank you did in school?

Whats the best prank you did in school?
The first and best prank I did was in high school, towards the end of the year.
Some girls had the idea but they convinced me to follow along. They took the anatomy torso, put it on the teacher's desk, put the skull from the anatomy skeleton on it and draw a sign saying "Miss Tirloni (the teacher) new boyfriend". I felt like take a flower from the vase and put it in its mouth.
When the teacher arrived, she was dumbfounded, then calmly said that whoever did that better step up or she would punish the whole class.
The girls stepped up but when I tried to do the same one of them, Chiara, made me a "no" gesture. I was class representative and never did anything like that before, but I step up anyway and the teacher was really surprised. I asked if putting the flower meant I was responsible too and she said yes and that she didn't expect me to be involved.
She made us clean everything and then copy three pages from the Biology book as punishment, but she wasn't particularly angry.
I still got 10/10 in behavior after that.
What about you?
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G@G messed up again. This was to go in "Education and career", not "Dating".
What's the best prank you did in school?
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