Could anyone please help me with this traffic situation?

So, it may seem as a simple maybe even stupid silly question but I need to know the right proper way to do this!

The blue circle is the car, what is the car supposed to do in that situation?
The car is going from a side road to main road and then it has to join the left turning path to go to its destination.

I'm sorry but I'm not good at explaining.

I had drawn it. :D
You should use your right indicator because you are turning right, then after moving onto the main road and joining the left line, you should immediately change it turn on the left indicator
You should not use any indicator while moving onto the main road, then you should sign your plan to turn left.
You should you the left indicator right away (though it would confuse the traffic, you would want to go right yet you would you your left indicator)
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Thank you!
I'm so glad I'm not the stupid one, there was an aggressive dude behind me and I just felt like an idiot though I wasn't wrong, A is correct.
Could anyone please help me with this traffic situation?
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