Are you better with a teacher, or self teaching?

In any kind of skill, not even academically related. Let's say we all are trying to learn a new skill. It's fairly complicated. Every one of us has knowledge we can draw from life to try to apply to learning this skill. Now you are put into two groups.

At first, you'll be working independently, you're told to learn this skill, and you have no idea what you're doing. You're starting from scratch. You have some ideas how to perform this skill, but no direction. You literally have to teach yourself.

Next, you have a teacher. Someone who shows you exactly what to do. Keep in mind, it's a complicated skill to perform. You follow their lead, they correct you, etc.

Which way do you learn easier? Personally, I can't self teach for shit, but I nearly instantly pick things up once I'm shown how to do it, complicated or not.
Are you better with a teacher, or self teaching?
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