Should I reapply for this job, or no?

It's a Front Desk assistant at a Holiday Inn. I applied for it a year ago, and got interviewed, but I didn't get the job. This time, he's hiring two people, which increases my chances. It's similar to my current job in many ways, and I get 5 8 hours days and a proper lunch break, instead of 4 10 hour days and no lunch break, which I currently have, and I would also get a bunch of benefits and employee discount. And I would probably be working graveyard, so I wouldn't be as busy, and even if it was, it wouldn't be as hectic or stressful, because I'd only have to one thing.

Problem is though, starting wage is $1 to $2 less than what I'm currently making, but at the hotel job I have a better chance of getting a raise and promotion. And it's full time, so there's no way to max out my hours. But the biggest issue is that I'm a travelman, and I know I won't be able to get time off for at least 6 months, and my plan was to work through the summer, then take a couple weeks off after Labor Day. Honestly, this is the biggest factor that's keeping from reapplying. The best thing about my current job, is that they are extremely lenient when it comes to time off.

But I also don't know if it's worth going through the effort to reapply, if they rejected me last time, since chances are they'll probably reject me again for the same reasons. From what I gathered, it seemed like they were looking for someone with prior hotel experience, although I told him I work at a campground and its very similar.

Also, I have a Bachelor's degree, so a hotel job would be more respectable then my current one.
I only restarted my current job in March, after being off for 10 months. But like I said, the vacation is the biggest determining factor for me.

What should I do?
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Reapply for the hotel job
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Should I reapply for this job, or no?
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