Which job would you choose?

If you had the option to only choose between these two jobs, which you choose? This is just a hypothetical. I'm not saying this necessarily happens irl or it at least doesn't happen all the time. If you only receive two job offers out of all the jobs you applied for but your only options are to choose your dream job or choosing a job that is close to where you live with a short commute then which would you choose? Your dream job is thousands of miles from where you live so you would have to move.

You're not excited about the job that is close to where you live. You have a feeling that you'll dislike it or you may even hate it once you start working it. It would be a tough decision for many people to make because some people may not want to move so far away because of family, homesickness, or other reasons. At the same time, no one likes being stuck in a job he/she hates. It would be a hard decision for me to make too if I had to make it.
My dream job thousands of miles from where I live.
The job that I'm not excited about and that is local to where I live with a short commute.
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I guess this decision isn't too difficult for many of you to make. I'm thrilled to know that the majority of people who voted would choose their dream job.
Which job would you choose?
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