How did you get out of it?

You see, I have been bullied unconsciously by my classmates since I can remember, it was never physically because that's when I react the right way for them to leave me alone plus the teachers loved me, my parents were protective and my sister is a honor student.

My severe social anxiety that steamed from my environment as child seems find a place to vent when I entered my pre-teens and beyond.

Being an introvert and observer I never saw what I can call actual school violence.

Isolation, exploitation and some things that seems silly to me by the time I hit 3rd year of middle school, I experienced them but they didn't bother me anymore.

I act like and even came to think I'm gracing them while they try exploitating me and it works when I'm like 'I can accompany you'll to play this game for as long as you want, honey ❤️'

Forget about the private kindergarten and elementary school, even in middle school and highschool the only violent things I've seen is boys getting into fights and having to go hospital for their arm or leg and they cover it with saying they fell off stairs and testimony of their friends, and damn they were good at acting that it's a shame they're not using this kind of talent somewhere else.

I heard about things having under the mud in my 2nd of highschool, a girl who sell wine in cups for income and only ever got suspended a few times while her parents say it helps the family's living expenses.

Grey area not far from every school where drugs are.

There's all kind of things that cops claim to be unable to do anything about it.

I was wondering about bullying, the extreme kind.

Recently, I found a webtoon named 'Get schooled' and loved it

It was about bullying from teachers, students, parents, brainwashing and all kind of different things on society.

It was very realistic that I can swear that's the way things may be going in real life.

If you had been going through bullying, how did you get rid of being a victim?
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I think it should be a mix of agression and talkOne time, I didn't even try to he aggressive while talking, on contrary I tried to be calm, my nervousness and anger got over me as I grabbed a handful of pencil and end up breaking them in attempt to calm myself, except one millisecond I continued to talk and only when I finished what I had I noticed what expression the bullies had
How did you get out of it?
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