Why dose school have to cost 80k?

why dose school have to cost 80k? for 4 year why can it not be like 20k. I know it can not be free but if it was 5k a year that be better than 20k

when I make like 15 25 sometime 30 k a year it just to much the 20k a year. I could do it if it like 5 k. maybe tell you kids after HS (high school) work for 4 year save up 80k and then you would not have take out a take out a loan. also they have work experience.

government help is like 2k a year so that 8 k off so still 72k and there like good see we help

it like no that not that much help. I know when you make stuff cheaper quality go down and I do not want that. I just want affordable school.

colleges donate computer labs but if they get 1 or 2 kids to go to there school they make there money back and they get like 5 10 kids to go school. They name the computer lab after the college so people can say how nice they are. It all seem like a tick to me.

if school was less then there be no need for scholarships. even family with money have try get aid. It be nice if work would pay for school then you have work for the same company for like 2 to 5 years.

the military will pay for school if you serve in the military. But when I ask them they ask me why I want work for then I tell them to go school. they ask why I want go school so I can get a good job and they say I can get a job any where but it not a good job.

college just see to be a rich man game. Some girl will not go out with guys who do not go college and that fair. you make good money just by working hard but it look down upon. factory worker truck driver oil field are look down upon. plus they just job for big strong men. smell men have a hard time try to be tough and strong in there. No one want brains at work just muscle man fast hard low pay work. muscle man are fine but I not big are fast but that all job want.

Why dose school have to cost 80k?
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