Why are people so trusting?

You trust what you see in the news, on tv, in some internet article, study blurb, school rumor/gossip, magazine tabloid, social media feed, forum, lawsuit story, jury vote, political propaganda, fear mongerer, or religious book, etc..

Just why? Its not like you can confirm any of it.

Why do you trust people? Why do you pay attention to any of this crap?

People are liars.

You get lied to far more often than you hear honesty, and people are also dumb, and they hear things wrong, and they conclude the wrong answers, and they make assumptions, and they cut corners on research. etc.

But people are so quick to believe any bullshit story they hear.


I just don't get it.

It's like people are allergic to saying "I don't know".

Well guess what? You don't know most of the things you think you know.

If you're an exception to this nonsense, thank you. But to everyone else, wtf is wrong with you?

Why are people so trusting?
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